How to Start Lawn Mower without a Primer Bulb: Best Technic

If you are a frequent mower user, then you definitely know what a primer bulb is. What if it gets broken or falls off or simply stops working? If you are not a practiced craftsman, you may be stuck with a question. That is How to Start Lawn Mower without a Primer Bulb

Well, nothing to fret about. We will help you through it. In today’s article, we will give you a step-by-step guide regarding this. After reading this, you can easily start your mower even when the Briggs primer bulb is not priming. So, let’s get started….

Is a Primer Bulb Necessary?

Well, for a lawnmower it is an important part. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea of what it resembles, simply go to your mower. You might see a small black or red rubber bulb attached to your engine. That is the Briggs primer bulb.

It helps to fuel the carburetor. You see, most toro recycler lawn mowers don’t have a massive engine. That’s when the toro recycler primer bulb comes into play. It does it by drawing fuel from the reservoir.

Afterward, you need to place the right measure of fuel into the carburetor.

The priming bulb also pushes gas into the carburetor bowl. This needs to be done because if you don’t use the mower for a long period then the fuels will dry up. To simply put, the primer bulb helps to start the mower. So when this lawn mower won’t prime, it puts great pressure on the carburetor. That is why you need other methods to prime in case the bulb gets damaged.

Why not simply replace it?

Now you might think that if my Briggs primer bulb is not working, then I can simply replace it. You can do that. However, we wouldn’t suggest it. Since –

  • It can cost you a couple of bucks. We have a solution for you that will meet your demands without breaking the banks. 
  • Furthermore, consider the possibility that you don’t have any cash to spend on it? What if spending money on this trivial thing puts a dent in your daily budget?
  • Replacing it can be time-consuming and equally annoying. If you try to replace it, you would have to leave your mowing work and go to the store.
  • Or if you buy it online, then it would take them a few days to deliver it. We are giving you a solution where you can start the mower perfectly in just a few minutes.
  • Installing the upgraded one is entirely another story. You would need many tools and have to do it perfectly.
  • In case you are a new craftsman or new to mowing, you wouldn’t be able to install it correctly.

What if you are in the middle of your work and the machine stops working? And it won’t start again because the lawnmower is not priming anymore? However, you have only this day to finish your work.

That is why you will need our instant solution rather than installing a new one. Even then, if you want to buy a new one, go ahead. But in case you are interested in our easy solution, then read on.

How can you start the Mower with a Bulb?

lawn mower starting with bulb

Before talking about how without let’s talk about with. How would you start it if you have a perfectly working primer bulb?

Well, all you have to do is-

  • First, you have to remove the cap from the mower’s fuel tank.
  • Then, simply locate the primer bulb situated at the side of the engine. You will easily recognize it by its rubbery bulb shape.
  • Press and release the bulb three times. That will prime the carburetor.
  • Use the mower to mow your lawn.

A step-by-step guideline on how to start a Lawn Mower without a Primer

lawn mower starting without bulb

So, what to do when the prime button on the lawn mower is not working?

Well, before nitpicking the question, it would be better to know about the equipment.

  • A screwdriver
  • Starter fluid.
  • Safety gear

Now, let’s discuss the procedure in detail:

Step one:

At first, you will need a strong surface to work on. Make sure it doesn’t have any bump. Place the mower on that plane surface. Also, for greater safety, make sure that the gear is in parking mode.

Step Two:

At that point, you need to eliminate the front of the air cleaner. You will find it near the engine. The cover may be screwed shut. So you have to use the screwdriver to open it. Be sure to rotate the screws anticlockwise.

Step Three:

Now very carefully remove the air cleaner from the chamber. Be sure to memorize its place. You will need it later. Make sure the air cleaner or the chamber doesn’t get damaged in any way during this procedure.

Step Four:

After that the cleaning chamber, things will be pretty visible to you. Now, you have to gently spray the starter fluid on the housing whole. This whole framework will let you see the housing hole in the chamber.

Step Five:

Now quickly place the air cleaner back in its previous place. You have to finish this procedure very quickly because the starter fluid evaporates quickly. However, don’t displace the cleaner in this hurriedness. It can prevent the flow of clean air.

Step Six:

Now Sty to start the lawnmower. If you have done everything impeccably, the mower will kick off right away.

However, in case it doesn’t start, then again put starter fluid in the chamber. It might have evaporated.

A Word of Caution

While doing this procedure, you have to be very cautious.

  • Keep your children away from your workstation.
  • Make sure that the mower is in parking mode.
  • Wear proper safety gear (gloves, goggles, and mask)
  • Handel every instrument carefully.

Properly go through the mower manual before starting this procedure.

Pros and Cons of these Procedures

Nothing in the world is 100% flawless. The procedure we showed you above is no different. Well, before implementing the techniques, this pros & cons section will let you know whether it is suitable for you or not.


  • It is easy to do.
  • you won’t need many instruments.
  • It is not time-consuming.
  • The procedure doesn’t cost any money.


  • The only con of this procedure is that these techniques may not give you a permanent solution.


Does every push mower come with a primer bulb?

No, not every push mower has it. Some have a choke plate to prime the mower.

Does every toro mower have a primer bulb?

Almost every toro mower has them. But some recent models do tend to skip it. And bigger ones like the 22-inch models don’t install them.

Should the primer bulb stay hard?

Primer bulb helps to pump fuel. Any pumper can’t work properly if it becomes hard. So we suggest you should start the mower without it or replace the bulb.

Final Word About How to Start Lawn Mower without a Primer Bulb

Now after following all these steps you won’t have to ask yourself how to start a lawn mower without a primer bulb anymore. Just do this procedure quickly and perfectly. Your mower will start to work in no time.

But, in case your mower still doesn’t start then replace the bulb. Then, you should hire an expert technician to do the ultimate fix. Rarely, the problem may lie somewhere else. But in most cases, this procedure is an easy win. The best part is an amateur with tools even can do this.

So, just stay calm, maintain proper safety measures and follow the steps. Your mower will start to work in no time.

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