Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

Which is the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts? This answer will be very difficult for you if you are not fully experienced in drilling. But from today on, you don’t have to worry about choosing the best drill bits. In this article, we will discuss some of the quality drill bits that will be useful to use as well as meet your needs.

The drill bit is a very necessary tool that often needs to be used on a daily basis. They play a unique role in cutting and drilling any material. Not only this, it ensures that the task we are doing is accurate. And for this, we should choose the drill bit that is high-quality and most effective.

If you are looking for the best drill bits then you have come to the right place. We will now discuss some drill bits in our article as well as try to discuss what to consider before buying it. So let’s get started with it.

Top 5 Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

1Best BrandedIRWIN Screw Extractor / Drill Bit Set (11119)IRWIN Screw Extractor / Drill Bit Set (11119)
2Best FunctionalDamaged Screw Extractor Set, Werkzeug 20 PCS Stripped Screw Extractor KitDamaged Screw Extractor Set, Werkzeug 20 PCS Stripped Screw Extractor Kit
3Best Cheap PriceOCGIG 11 PCS Damaged Broken Screw Extractor Drill Bit BoltOCGIG 11 PCS Damaged Broken Screw Extractor Drill Bit Bolt
4Best PreciseIrwin Industrial Tools 11117 Pouched Spiral Flute Screw ExtractorsIrwin Industrial Tools 11117 Pouched Spiral Flute Screw Extractors
5Best ValueDrill America – KFD29J-PC 29 Piece Heavy Duty High-Speed Steel Drill BitDrill America - KFD29J-PC 29 Piece Heavy Duty High-Speed Steel Drill Bit

IRWIN Screw Extractor / Drill Bit Set (11119)

Which is the top drill bit brand in the market? Very few people can answer this unless they are experienced enough. However, if you do some research, you will see that Irwin is one of the best tool brands in the market. A brand is considered top when it comes to delivering some great products to its customers. And in this case, Irwin is far ahead of many other well-known brands.

In the list of the best drill bits of almost all the sites online, you will see one of the products of Irwin and it is very normal. We also put a great product of this brand on our list in the first place. We can assure you that if you can invest your money in this product, it will never go to vain.

IRWIN Screw Extractor / Drill Bit Set (11119)-Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

The most notable feature that distinguishes it from other models is its “Ten Pieces Extractors”. The extractors are designed to work with a tap wrench instead of a drill. These extractors play the most effective role in removing a variety of bolts, fittings, socket screws, and studs. Not only this, but it is also suitable for removing screws of different sizes.

This tool features spiral flutes as well as high-powered gripping power that ensures you are drilling deeply into most stubborn screws or fasteners. In addition to these, like other models of Irwin, it also comes with a storage case.

Although this tool is not made with steel, it is a cobalt drill bit that is powerful enough to serve you for a long time. Overall, it is definitely the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts.

Key Features:

  • Ten Pieces Extractors help to remove various bolts, socket screws, fittings, and studs.
  • It comes with a powerful grip with a spiral flutes feature.
  • The tool has a storage case like other Irwin models.
  • It is made with cobalt that is enough powerful and durable.


  • Ideal option for beginners
  • Remove broken fasteners
  • Compatible with any drill
  • Affordable price tag


  • The storage case is not well enough

Damaged Screw Extractor Set, Werkzeug 20 PCS Stripped Screw Extractor Kit

Surely, removing broken bolts and screws seems like a challenging task to you, right? But we can guarantee that from now on you won’t feel like it, because the tool we have chosen will help you to remove the damaged screws in a few minutes. The most versatile tool in our list of best drill bits for drilling is the “Werkzeug Damaged Screw Extractor Set”.

This tool provides 20 different pieces which are quite good for future proof use. Each of its pieces is made of high-speed steel 4341 metal that ensures your tool gives you increased durability as well as high rigidity. You will also find extension bit holders in this set that are suitable for removing screws in just one step. So, you don’t need to adjust the chuck repeatedly.

Damaged Screw Extractor Set- Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

If you think its extractors are designed to be used for screws only, you are wrong. You can use them not only for screws but also for different types of Allen bolts, lag bolts, sheet metal attachments, and many more. Extractors help to easily remove broken screws or bolts because the tool’s spiral flute design has made it easy to hold.

Another great feature of this drill bit is that it allows you to use this extractor kit with the help of an electric hand drill. Now you don’t have to waste extra energy on any work. With this great set, you can easily complete your operations successfully.

Key Features:

  • This tool is made of high-steel 4341 metal
  • There are 20 different pieces in this set
  • You can easily remove the screws with just one step
  • An ideal option for Allen bolts and screws
  • There is no need for additional adjustments


  • Versatile option
  • The material quality is well enough
  • Increased durability
  • Easily operation can be done


  • Bit size is so small

OCGIG 11 PCS Damaged Broken Screw Extractor Drill Bit Bolt

Who doesn’t like to get a good product at an affordable price? You also like it, right? We have come up with such a budget-friendly tool for you. OCGIG Damaged Broken Screw Extractor has introduced a new rhythm by proving wrong those people who think that low-priced products are not very good. This four-piece set comes with a protective case to protect the extractors. You can also easily access and hold it together when screwing out.

OCGIG 11 PCS Damaged Broken Screw Extractor Drill Bit Bolt

Although it is only designed to remove screws, you can also use it for removing studs and bolts. You will find a five-screw extractor and five drill bits in this tool. Its extractors vary in size from 1/8-inch to ¾-inch. Each of these pieces has a double-sided bit, with varnish on one side and the opposite bit on the other. The pieces are made with S2 alloy steel material.

This set supports three levels of warranty with customer satisfaction in mind. You can also return the product if you do not like it and in this case, the company will be ready to refund you. Overall, this is a great option in terms of money that has enough potential and very useful to use.

Key Features:

  • This tool has its own plastic protective case.
  • It comes with five-screw extractors and five drill bits.
  • Very much sturdy and durable
  • The tool has a tap holder
  • Provides three tires warranty


  • Ideal to remove various fasteners
  • Comes with multiple screw extractors
  • Refund guarantee from the company
  • Very much affordable


  • The tap holder is not up to the mark

Irwin Industrial Tools 11117 Pouched Spiral Flute Screw Extractors

As we mentioned earlier Irwin is one of the best drill bit brands in the current market. All of its great tools have made it stand out from other models on the market. In line with the needs of the customers, it is constantly delivering some great products. The “Irwin 11117 Extractors” is one such model that has already begun to reward customers for its great features.

Irwin Industrial Tools - Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

This Irwin model comes with 10 pieces that are designed in such a way that allows you to easily remove broken materials such as bolts, studs, socket screws, and fittings. You’ll also find an aggressive left-handed spiral design in this set that will ensure you can apply extra force when pulling the screw. Its spiral flutes feature will help you to embed any metal deeply. You will find a plastic pouch in it that protects the extractors.

Because the pieces of this unit come in different sizes, you will have the opportunity to choose the size according to your needs. It is a tool made of cobalt that is strong enough and long-lasting. Undoubtedly it is the best drill bit for drilling out screws on which you can invest your money without any worries.

Key Features:

  • The tool comes with 10 pieces
  • Suitable for removing broken studs, bolts, socket screws, and fittings
  • It has an aggressive left-handed spiral design
  • Deeply embed on any metal
  • It comes with varieties of sizes


  • Ideal for most deeply stuck screws
  • Embedded size
  • Provides better grip for more resistance
  • Affordable option


  • The bits are just okay

Drill America – KFD29J-PC 29 Piece Heavy Duty High-Speed Steel Drill Bit

We have reached the very last stage of our best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts list. The most notable feature of the last tool we have selected is its wide range of 29 pieces. Each of these bits is made of high-speed steel which ensures rigidity and longevity. Also, its black and gold oxide finish makes it corrosion resistant and strong.

Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

The design of the bits has a self-centering 135-degree split point that enables the bit to penetrate rigid elements without the need for a pilot hole. This design produces even smaller chips that are easier to remove with the help of 2 flutes.

This set comes with a plastic case for storage that is water-proof and garbage-proof. You also get a drill indicator to slot the bits for more organized storage. If you need both hands for a job, you can easily hang this indicator on your belt. In terms of price, it’s a bit higher than the other drill bits on our list. But if you can consider the price then this is definitely an ideal tool for you.

Key Features:

  • It is made of high-speed steel
  • Provides rigidity and longevity
  • Comes with 29 pieces
  • Its plastic case is water-proof and shatter-proof as well
  • Features a self-centering 135-degree split point


  • Varieties of sizes are available
  • Durable tool
  • Ideal for lots of tasks
  • Easy to use
  • Includes plastic storage case


  • High price tag

How to Choose the Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

The most important thing about buying something is to know about the whole recommendations of a product. Also buying the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts have some parameters that everyone should know before buying the product. Before buying any of the above products let’s check some recommendations to consider the best tool for drilling.

Below you will discuss some important factors before buying a drilling tool.


In one word we can say a drill bit drilling tool works depends on its durability. The more durability it has, the more pressure it can handle. Suppose if you buy a product and after start using it just gets ruined. So there is no need to buy some dumb product like that. This is a very important guideline to remember before buying a product is by something that you can utilize properly.

so checking the durability of a drill bit drilling is an important thing before you buy. As its capacity related with it.

Now in the present, if you go to market then you will know materials that are made with Cobalt and Platinum have better durability.

Power of gripping:

Another important thing to check is to find out the power of gripping the broken screw that stuck inside. However, the length of the screw also depends here. If the power of gripping in the drill is not so high then it can’t take out every broken screw from the wall.

Wall also plays a huge role to check the power of grip. Suppose if the wall is made with ceramic then it requires higher power. Any kind of ceramic and thick than normal wall requires a more powerful gripping tool to pull out the broken screw from the wall.

Because if you want to pull out the broken screw from a ceramic or thick wall the drill has to produce more grip to pull the screw.


Basically, a drill bit extractor is made with two types of designs. One there is a left-handed spiral and another type is regular. The left-hand spiral design, lets you finish your job with too much comfort and safety. Most people like to use this type of drill bit. The most attractive thing for many votes for using this type of drill bit is its extra gripping power. It gives the drill bit extra power to pull out the screw from the wall quite easily.

But there is a sad thing about using the left-handed spiral drill bit. Because if you are not left-handed then it will be too much pain for you to handle and finish the work with your left hand. If you are not a left-handed person then we suggest you must go with the regular design drill bit.

Left-handed spiral looks cool but it will waste your whole money if you are not able to work with your left hand.

For what type of work, you are buying:

Before buying a drill bit you have to decide first what you gonna use it for. This will help you make a better decision to choose a product with your recommendations. For general uses like working on metal or wood shows good results for a normal drill bit. That’s not also a very hard thing to do, people take these as regular works.

So, if you want to buy a drill bit for use on a regular basis, which means not on a hard surface then you can do your work with a normal drill bit. The higher recommendation comes with higher price drill bits. If you professionally use your drill bit, then you can think about buying a good and reasonable drill bit in your required price and condition.

Additional things:

Other things to check before buying a drill bit are to check its holders, holder’s extension, and additional sleeves. If all these conditions of the drill bit are not so well then you can’t do your job comfortably.

So before buying a drill bit for drilling about the broken balls all these things you have to keep in your consideration. With all these buying guidelines probably you can choose the best product for your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best drill bits for drilling out bolts?

If you do a little research you will find countless drill bits. But not all drill bits are equally effective or usable. Finding the best one is a challenging task but all the drill bits we have discussed in our article are useful. However, if there is a question of choosing the best one, then we will recommend you to select IRWIN Screw Extractor / Drill Bit Set (11119).

Can you drill out a broken drill bit?

Of course, you can. Attach a metal rod to the top of the drill bit at a 90-degree angle to drill bit. You can then use the rod as a lever to turn the drill bit in reverse. At the end of the drill, you may want to hammer and punch a few times and loosen the hammer slightly. This way you can drill out the broken drill bit.

How do you drill out a broken bolt?

Drilling out the broken bolt is not a difficult task. But the most important thing you need to do first is to start with a small SHARP bit. In this case, you can use a veritable speed drill so that the hole starts slowly. If you want to get good results then it is important to start a hole in the center. This way you can slowly drill out the broken ball.

Why did my drill bit break?

The drill bit may break for various reasons. However, the most notable factors are bit flex, chips not being cleaned well or drilling pressure being too hard. Some cheap drill bits break very quickly while working.

What tool is used to remove broken bolts?

Screw extractors play the most effective role in removing broken bolts. All you have to do is drill a pilot hole and push the extractors there. By doing this the broken bolts will come out of the hole.

How do you drill out a broken easy out?

Usually, the easy-out taps and drill bits are so hard that’s why it is difficult to drilled them easily. But there is no reason to worry because there are two options available to you that can help you do it. Either you can take the block to a machine shop and then bring them out. The other is, use a Snap-On tool, you will need it and a set of mini-carbide brushes and you get behind it. You can grind it in this way.

Final Thoughts

In order to improve productivity in your work, you should always invest money in something that is valuable and profitable for you. The same thing also goes for buying a drill bit. You will never want to invest your money in a drill bit for which you have to be disappointed. This is why you need to have proper concern and review which drill bit is the best.

We hope this article will help you a lot in buying the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts. If you want to know more about drill bits, you can comment on us. We will definitely try to answer you. Thank you all.

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