Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300 | Review and Buying Guide-2021

The average cost of a best wet tile saw is under $300. Two main things to consider for the best-wet tile saw is your needs and budget. A wet tile saw is a handy tool. However, it is not a tool that we need to use often. We use it occasionally and only for specific needs. So to spend a lot of money on a saw is not a good idea in this matter. So an average budget for a wet saw tile is under $300 is the best.

However, how you can pick the best one when there are many options in the market and online. Moreover, when everyone declares that they are best, how you can find the one that is your need. To narrow down the choices, we pick the best wet tile saw under $300 for you. Here we want to ensure you; you will find all these products at their best.

Now for a quick pick, take a look at our quick comparison of the best tile wet saw.

1Best cheapSKIL 3601-02 Flooring saw with 36 T contractor bladesSKIL 3601-02 Flooring saw with 36 T contractor blades
2Best accuratePorter-cable PCE980 Wet tile sawPorter-cable PCE980 Wet tile saw
3Best hydrolockSkil 3550-02 7 inches wet tile sawSkil 3550-02 7 inches wet tile saw.
4Best brandDEWALT wet tile saw Masonry, 4-⅜-inchDEWALT wet tile saw Masonry, 4-⅜-inch
5Best indoor useCraftsman 20V Max table saw with compact sliding.Craftsman 20V Max table saw with compact sliding.

SKIL 3601-02 Flooring saw with 36 T contractor blades

The Skil saw tile saw is a lightweight saw that can be transported easily where it needs. It is designed to cut through laminate flooring and solid hardwood. The miter gauge of the product provides maximum flexibility for different types of cuts with different angles. For instance, the miter gauge has 0, 22.5, and 45-degree angles.

SKIL 3601-02 Flooring saw with 36 T contractor blades

The saw has a rip fence and die-cast aluminum, which is stable and sturdy. You can use it to make the wood flooring installation process quicker. Moreover, it will help you to cut the flooring at the place of installing. Furthermore, it is a very lightweight and portable saw with 24 lbs weight.

Product features:

  • A very lightweight and handy saw that can use anywhere.
  • You can use it for the cutting of engineered, solid, and laminating flooring.
  • It can make rip, miter, and crosscuts.
  • There are different angles for the miter detents for maximum flexibility.
  • The blade of the saw has a diameter of 4.375 inches.
  • Moreover, it needs a 120 voltage for its functioning.


  • Best lightweight saw
  • Versatile design
  • Offers flexibility
  • Best cheap saw blade


  • Not for commercial or heavy-duty tasks.

Porter-cable PCE980 Best wet tile saw under $300

Here we have the best wet tile saw under $200. This saw is not for commercial use; however, if you need a saw for home purposes, then a porter cable wet tile saw is not a bad choice. It has a powerful motor of 1 hp that is enough to give smooth and precise cuts.

Moreover, you can use the saw to cut through stone tiles, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. You can cut the tile in 12X12 inch with an accuracy of 1/16 inch. The saw has a roll cage and carries a handle to move it from place to place. Moreover, the cast metal sliding tray is made with water channels, and the top of the table is made with stainless steel.

The miter of the saw can be locked and adjustable. A rear fence of the saw is also adjustable. The package will include a miter square, a blade wrench porcelain tile blade of 7 inches and a wet tile saw. The power source for the saw is corded electric.

Product features:

  • The wet tile saw has an onboard miter square for repeatable rip cuts and line-up miter cuts.
  • Moreover, for protection and carrying, the saw has a roll cage so that you can move it without any hassle.
  • From prevention of water splashing, there are splash guards with the saw.
  • For a mess-free job, the drain plug will quickly drain out the water and cleanly do its work.
  • Furthermore, for holding water and Jobsite abuse, there is a stainless steel fixed deck.


  • Accuracy
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Stainless steel tabletop


  • Require a lot of storage space.

Skil 3550-02 7 inches Best wet tile saw under $300

Skil is the choice of many people for the best-wet tile saw. Here in Skil 35530-02 review, we will look at all of its features. The skil wet tile saw provides easy-to-use features with a hydro lock system. The hydro lock system will prevent water splashing so that you can cut the tile at the place of installation.

Skil 3550-02 7 inches wet tile saw

In this way, you will finish all your tasks fastly without any hassle. Moreover, for efficient and even cutting, the skill saw has a 7-inch continuous diamond table. The saw tabletop is made of aluminum, which makes it a rust-resistant and durable product throughout its use. The cutting capacity of the saw is 18X18 inch tile. Furthermore, there is a sliding side extension to support the tiles.

Product features:

  • The tile saw has a miter gauge with an adjustable rip fence for miter and accurate straight cuts.
  • Aluminum material used in the construction of the tabletop makes it corrosion-free and durable.
  • The hydrolock system makes all the cutting systems easy. There will be less splashing of water, and you can easily cut tiles at the place of installation.
  • The cutting capacity of the blade saw is 18X18.
  • For support of tiles, there is a sliding side extension.
  • Maximum flexibility, there are different degrees for bevel cuts. For instance, 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees.


  • Hydrolock system
  • Easy to use
  • Side extensions


  • Heavy weight

DEWALT wet tile saw Masonry, 4-⅜-inch

Dewalt is one of the famous brands in the saw blades, and here we have a Powerful wet tile saw. The saw has a motor of 10.8 amp, and it can cut through glass, marble, porcelain, granite, etc. The saw’s weight is very light, and you will not feel hassle while using the tile saw.

The saw has a large format for the cutting of tiles. Moreover, it is an ideal saw for backsplashes, thresholds, and plank. The flow of the water connection is adjustable, and you can keep the material and blades of the saw cool during the work.

DEWALT wet tile saw Masonry, 4-⅜-inch

The saw has blades of 4-⅜ inch diamond, and they can cut wet or dry materials up to 1 ⅜ inch. Moreover, for maximum flexibility, the bevels have 45 angles for precise cuts. Furthermore, the product has 12 water lines feed for the prevention of dust and longer durability.

Product features:

  • The powerful motor of 10.8 amp for precise cutting through a variety of materials.
  • The diamond blades are of premium quality and have a width of 4-⅜-inch. You can use blades to cut diamond and ceramic material easily.
  • 45-degree angles of bevels got the maximum performance and longer durability of life.
  • It is a lightweight wet tile saw for doing all kinds of work quickly and easily.
  • For prevention of dust and longer durability


  • Lock-on switch
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • The base of the saw cannot extend to a wider width.

Craftsman 20V Max table saw with compact sliding

It is a 7-inch wet tile saw with a cordless feature that will help you do all your work from the inside. For maintaining water contaminants, there are water fill lines in the tube of wet tile saw. The sliding carts in the saw will help users perform all the functions with great accuracy and without any hassle.

Craftsman 20V Max table saw with compact sliding

The wet tile saw has a roll cage handle that will help in easy maneuverability, and you can take it everywhere. The voltage of the saw is 20 v, and the battery cell type is Lithium-ion. It is the best wet tile saw under $300 with the compact sliding.

Product features:

  • It is a saw blade that provides maximum ease of cutting with maximum accuracy.
  • The saw blade has an innovative sliding cart that will make all the cutting process in just no time.
  • The cutting capacity of the saw is 7-inch.
  • It is the best saw blade for indoor use. The water fill lines of the saw will maintain the water containment.
  • The tile saw has a roll cage handle for easy carrying.
  • The package will include a battery, a battery charge, a diamond blade, a wrench, and a miter square.


  • A rigid wet tile saw
  • Powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • Innovative design and maximum functionality


  • A bigger wet tile saw.

How to use a wet tile saw?

The use of every wet tile saw can be different according to the design and innovation in your specific purchase. In this way, a user manual can help you understand how to use a wet tile saw. However, here we will share a method that is generally followed for a wet tile saw.


First of all, place your wet tile saw on the floor, or you can also place it at the workshop table or any other heavy table. Just make sure the flat surface of the floor supports the function of the wet saw. Moreover, before use, always ensure there are no wobbles at the surface to avoid any inconvenience and injury.


Now, fill the water in the water tank of the saw. Fill it until the water pump is covered completely. Here an important thing to note is every wet tile saw comes along with a water tank; however, the water tank’s position can change. Generally, a water tank is located under the cutting surface. Moreover, some water tanks have a permanent water tank, and some have a removable water tank.


Now adjust the position of the fence after placing your saw on a flat surface. Make sure the blades line up with the cutting mark when tiles get back against the fence. You may need to adjust the saw for different kinds of cuts for its proper functionality.

While having a steady grip, feed the tile in the blade. It would help if you needed a strong grip on the tile to avoid movement and for the running cut. Furthermore, try force on the tile to push it towards the blade and also never try to cut fastly.


Now press the on the button of the saw.


Be careful about the edges of the tiles as they have more chance of breakage.


Now turn off the blade and remove all the cut pieces from the machine. For the cutting of the next tile, you will repeat the same process.

What is the difference between Tile cutters and a wet tile saw?

A tile cutter usually does not have a water bucket or a water tank to cut tiles. Moreover, they are usually not featured with a cooler operation and heat up quickly when used for a longer time. There are different tile cutters, like handheld models, overhead, and tabletop models. They are usually simple and easy to operate.

One of the main disadvantages of tile cutters is that they have a dusty and messy function. Users will encounter a lot of dust, and they also require extra cleaning operations.

Wet tile saws are popular these days for their reliable and durable design. The wet tile saw comes with a water outlet, and in this way, there will be less dust and cooler blades. The water outlet will help users work for a longer time and cut through all the dense material.

 Best wet tile saw under $300 buying guide.

If you search on the internet for “best wet tile saw,” there will be a long list of tools that come, you would probably be confused about which one is best, in which size should I buy, many other things to consider before buying. So here is the buying guide which will help you to select the best tile wet saw.


You need to see the saw engine. The powerful engine is important for smooth work that won’t damage the material. The tile saw is designed to cut different types of materials and make beautiful designs; if there is a lack of horsepower in the machine, it will damage the material. In simple words, you need a powerful motor; the best motors have 1.5HP or more power.


You need to see their versatility because you need a machine that can successfully cut different types of natural stones such as marble, ceramic tiles and allow you to make a square or any other cut for their design without purchasing any special tool. And the best wet saw should have these qualities.

Portability and Accuracy

Another important factor is portability. Before buying a wet tile saw, keep in the eye, choose the light-weighted one because sometimes you will need to cut tiles outside or move a machine from one place to another. For this purpose, lightweight is the best option. The quality of the saw matters. The cutter is not good for precision, which generates vibration, affects the tiles cutting, and produces low-quality tiles. Make sure before choosing the saw; the best wet tiles saw generate less vibration.

Blade size

The blades come in different sizes; the standard blade sizes are 8 to 10 inches in diameter, the 8-inch blade gives a depth cut of 2 inches, 7 inches will give you a depth of 1.5 inches, and the 10-inch blade will give a 2.5 inch of depth. The Larger the blade diameter, the deeper will be cut. For cutting thick tiles, you need more powerful blades.

Parts availability

One of the most important factors is that people choose the cheap wet saws of unknown brands, which become useless after parts are unavailable. Select a branded wet tile saw; if the saw parts are damaged or want to replace some parts, it will be easy to find their parts in the market while the unknown brand parts are hard to find.


As I say first that you will find a list of tools, you will find costly saws and many cheap wet saws. The cheaper wet saw is not capable enough; with time, they become useless. That means you have to spend enough money once and buy a wet tiles saw from a famous brand which works for a lifetime.


What is a wet tile saw used for?

A. A wet tile saw creates a clean and smooth cut; it is a great tool with safety, used for large projects, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and stone cutting, which leaves smooth edges. They have many other benefits. In the hard and dense tile, the water keeps the blades from heating up and beginning to smoke, which performs a great job. It creates too much friction to do its work properly.

Do I need a wet tile saw?

A. If you want to cut tiles smoothly and with great smooth edges, then wet tiles are important. A wet tile saw cutter is best for quick, easy, and large projects, while the glass cutter with a wire is the best pair of tools in which you can cut a few tiles without using a wet saw.

What size wet tile saw do I need?

A. The standard size is 8 inches, which gives a depth cut of 2 inches. While the 10 inches saw will give you 2.5 inches of a deep cut. The most common use of saw size used is 1/8, which gives thickness in the depth of 1inch. From 8 inches saw, you can easily do your desired cut.

Can we use a wet tile saw without water?

A. You can use a wet tile saw without water but not without a dust mask. A small number of tiles are possible to cut without water, but water is important for large projects. A dry saw will also damage your saw blades and generate heat, which also can burn hands.

Can a wet saw cut your finger?

A. The wet tile saw is dangerous, and if you are not using it properly, you have to take safety precautions first. It will not damage your finger if you touch it for a second, then it will cut or burn your finger, So don’t be afraid of the blade. Follow safety precautions.

Can a wet tile saw cut wood?

A. The wet tile saw is not designed for wood cutting that is completely different from the table saw, which is equipped with diamond edges designed for natural stones.


The best tile saw is the machine that can be used for the cutting of home tiles. There are hundreds of saws available in the market and online. So when it comes to picking the best, then you need to pay attention to your needs. For example, if you want a saw for home use, then a lightweight and the best wet tile saw under $300 should be your choice. However, when it comes to a saw for commercial use, a powerful and giant wet tile saw is ideal.

However, in our list, we listed the best tile saw for home use. They all are lightweight and come in a portable size. So we will recommend you pick any from our list and enjoy amazing quality saws from trustworthy brands. Now pick the one and enjoy your upcoming tasks with more ease.

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