How to fill HPA tank with an Air Compressor 7 Effective Steps

Filling the HPA tank by using an air compressor is to save both money and time. You don’t need to go through paintball shops. But the question is how to fill HPA tank with an air compressor.

Without paying big charges, you can fill your HPA tank just by applying some handy procedures. Yes, a high-quality air compressor works well to fill the tank at home. Keep in mind, you have to use appropriate safety equipment to operate perfectly.

Learn more about filling the HPA tank with an air compressor. See this post which shows safety tips, 7 straightforward steps, FAQs, and more.

How to fill HPA tank with an Air compressor: 7 Effective Steps

Air compressors are one of the most popular tools that can be used for accomplishing multiple tasks. Out of all people, the HPA tank users must know the reliable air compressor. To know how to fill HPA tank with an air compressor, check these 7 steps from top to bottom.


Tools You Should Collect

The first step is to collect all necessary accessories to do this job accurately. Here is a list of tools you should assemble.

  • Air compressor
  • HPA (high-pressure air) tank
  • Safety equipment
  • Nozzles
  • Hose


Check HPA Tank Leakage

Yes, it must be important to check the HPA or high-pressure air tank before starting work. You are not capable of filling the HPA tank if there stand leakage problems. In this condition, you can contact any professional to repair the leakage tank. Otherwise, it will leak air while you try to fill the tank. Even you can tolerate accidental issues. So, don’t forget to test the HPA tank before starting the filling process.


Discharge Air from the HPA Tank

Discharge air is a very simple process. If the tank previously has air, you can’t fill the tank. You take the tank to a fresh area where there is plenty of air. Unlock the valve that releases air. Don’t need to wait more time to withdraw all existing air. Plus, a well-ventilated area is important to avoid your breathing problems.


Attach the Hose to the Air Compressor

After releasing the air, you are safe to fill the HPA tank to use an air compressor. You have to connect both nozzles in the tank and the air compressor. Make sure nozzles are matching to prevent air leaking.

Now, open the small equipment from the tank and compressor both for connecting the air hose. Check their fitting quality.


Turn on the Air Compressor

In this step, you need to turn on or start the air compressor. For ensuring that the air compressor has charged fully, plug it into the power source. The power sources can be electric power or battery power. Connect the cable carefully to prevent any accidents.

Yes, it is time to start the power button of the compressor so that it starts passing air to the tank. After some time, your tank fills with new air.

Another important thing, you will maintain the proper PSI (pounds per square inch) for air to fill correctly. Even you can fail to fill the air where PSI and required pressure are not similar.


Calculate the Reading of PSI

You can’t skip this step during the air-filling task. To measure the PSI of an air compressor, you can ensure proper operation and avoid malfunctioning. There are two pressure gauges such as the left side and the right side.

The right side pressure gauge shows the pressure that is necessary for filling the compressed air. On the other hand, the left-sided one indicates the initial pressure of the tank. These two pressure gauges help you to learn the PSI.

However, PSI ensures that the air is enough in your tank. After filling the tank with new air, eject the nozzle as soon as possible. Plus, disconnect the air compressor from the HPA tank.

Just look at the pressure switch of the air compressor to find the reading of PSI. Generally, an HPA tank can sustain up to 4,500 PSI of pressurized air more than CO2 tanks that can just sustain 1,800 PSI


Store the Tank in a Secure Area

It is nearly risky to keep the tank in an open area when it is filled with air. You have to select a safe and secure place to store the tank. Then, store it for the next project.

Safety Tips for Filling HPA Tanks

Here are some important safety tips for filling HPA tanks:

  1. Place the HPA tank at a normal temperature, and avoid direct sunlight. If you need to transfer this tank, you go through the vehicle which is not hot.
  2. Wear protective gear when checking the tank’s leakage.
  3. Always store your tank properly.
  4. All HPA tanks come with their “Hydro date,” showing the last inspection. They require re-inspected once every five years.
  5. Don’t use oil or grease on your tank’s nipple. This is because oil can heat up and make fire somehow.
  6. Cover the HPA tank with any fabric bag or tank cover. Never use other clothes bags.
  7. Always fill the tank at home slowly. Due to the high speed, the PSI can decrease.

Different Types of HPA Tanks

HPA tanks are typically two types such as fiber wrapped HPA tanks and aluminum HPA tanks. These tanks do not have much thickness to tolerate extreme pressure. So, use it properly.

Fiber-wrapped HPA Tanks

These kinds of tanks are lightweight and capable of storing more pressure. The downside is that fiber-wrapped HPA tanks are costly and less durable than Aluminum HPA tanks.

Aluminum HPA Tanks

Aluminum HPA tanks are quite heavier but available in smaller sizes. They’re suitable for light use. Compared to the fiber-wrapped HPA tanks, they don’t maintain high PSI or more than 3000 PSI. Other features are cheaper, durable, and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an HPA tank last?

Generally, an HPA tank lasts more than five years although it depends on how to maintain your tank. If you use it correctly and release air after usage, you get good results.

Can I fill up a paintball tank with an air compressor?

Yes, you can fill up a paintball tank with an air compressor but it is essential to collect the heavy-duty air compressor with accessories. However, most paintball guns require compressed gas which has from 3,000 to 4,500 PSI filling capability.

What are the benefits of filling the HPA tank by using an air compressor?

If you are a paintball or airsoft gun player, you know the air compressor. It ensures air quality. The most important benefits are that they are easy to use, and don’t need to involve professionals. So, filling an HPA tank at home with an air compressor is cost-effective and easy to handle.

Can You measure the PSI of an air compressor?

The short answer is that you can measure the PSI of an air compressor with ease. Just need to follow some tips and check the right and left pressure gauges.

Can you fill an HPA tank at a gas station?

If the gas stations have an air pump, you can easily fill an HPA tank. There is no need to invest more to get an effortless filling. Just transport cost.

Can you use a standard compressor to fill a paintball tank?

There is no possibility to use the standard compressor to fill a paintball tank. You know, a paintball tank needs to be 3000 PSI pressure to load correctly. But, standard air compressors provide only 180 PSI.

Is it safe to fill a tank at home?

It is safe to fill at home if you maintain all safety requirements. Even though you don’t invest money to do it at home instead of going to gas stations.


So, you already know the method of how to fill HPA tank with an air compressor with ease. The total process is not as hard as you think. And, you don’t feel trouble doing this job at home. But, always maintain the safety procedure because your little mistake can cause an accident.

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