How to use Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor? A Complete Guideline!

Do you want to know how to use Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor? You are at the right place. Read and follow the guide to know how to use one!

Campbell Hausfeld has been in business for years now. And they are renowned for their compressors that are available in more than 66 models. The compressors vary from model to model based on size, tank size, battery or electric-powered version, etc.

Although they began their journey in the 1880s, their air compressors and tool compression technology rolled out in the 1940s. Although the Campbell Hausfeld compressors don’t come with inflators, their products still have a high demand.

However, the only common thing between the tons of models is that their operation process is quite similar. So this article is about how to use the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor. We’ll also talk about the safety concerns and maintenance as well. So read to the last.

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Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

The usage process comes after dealing with certain steps or procedures that involve unpacking, assembling, installation, wiring, and finally, operation. So let’s begin with unpacking the machine first.


Unpacking Air Compressor

Before using, first, you need to unpack the product box. You surely know how to do this.

No matter the brand of compressor, you should always give a thorough checking before starting. This is applicable here as well. While you unpack, always check the compressor properly. Don’t forget to check the screws and fittings as well.


Assembling the Air Compressor

As the product comes intact, so you don’t have to assemble any part on your own. Just check and tighten if there are any loose screws in the product.

Before starting the compressor, you need to apply lubricants first. A lubricating oil comes with the box. Use that. Read the guidebook that comes with the product to know more.

Keep in mind that engine oils cannot be used in compressors. The additives in these oils can affect the valves present on the compressors. Use the required amount of oil to reach the “Max” level. No need to overfill it.

To increase the compressor’s life span, change the lubricating oil after running for a few hours.


Instaling Air Compressor

Although the product doesn’t need any complex assembling, you need to install a few tools and fittings. It doesn’t come installed with the box.

The air filter is to be installed, and the surface and surroundings need to be cleaned first. Keep at least 2 feet or 24 inches gap between the wall and the air compressor to avoid any obstruction.

Now comes the electrical wiring part. To know how to use the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, knowing the electrical wiring is an important phenomenon. We’ll try to explain this part more easily.

  • The electrical code of the air compression depends on your local code. So not all codes or all air compressors have the same code.
  • Choose the plugs, wires, fuses, and other electrical components based on the air compressor rating.
  • The outlet of the air compressor has a grounded facility to overcome short circuits. So, connect the power cord accordingly.


Checking Air Compressor

Now comes the operation part of the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor.


Starting Air Compressor

The air compressor has a switch to start or turn off the machine. You need to connect the power cord first. And then you can operate the machine with the power switch.

Safety Valve

Safty Valve to manage Air Compressor

There is an ASME safety valve in the air compressor that regulates the flow of air. By any chance, if the tank gets overfilled, the valve will open itself and let the extra air out.

Air Pressure Regulator

Using regulator on Air Compressor

There are a few regulators that control the pressure of air in the tank. The regulators or controllers are operated through certain knobs.

Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust Pipe for checking valve

The air passed to the check valve from the pump through the exhaust pipe. As hot air travels through it, the exhaust pipe gets very hot.

Drain Valve

Drain Valve for moisture the tank  Air Compressor

With air, there remains moisture as well in the tank. The moisture can easily affect the parts of the air compressor. So the drain valve is used to drain out the moisture from the tank or cylinder. It remains on the bottom side of the compressor tank.

How to use the Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

As you already know about the assembling and operational parts, let’s move on to know how to use the air compressor.

1.  Safety Concerns

People have faced dangerous situations while using the air compressors as they haven’t checked them at first. To avoid such a situation, always give a complete check to the compressor.

So before using, check for any holes or leaks in the body or pipes of the air compressor. Recheck the wiring of the machine again and again. If you find any damaged or broken line or wire, don’t operate the air compressor.

Air compressor deals with high air pressure. So always use a pair of gloves and use Goggles on the eyes.

2. Connecting the tools and Fittings

You need to connect the hose with the air valves of the compressor to allow the air pressure to flow. Connect the male and female ends in the correct position. Take the help of the instruction book to do it properly.

3. Pressure Regulator Checking

Before you start to operate the air compressor, the pressure settings need to be checked. This will ensure that the air pressure is not more than recommended.

Now, start the air compressor and let it fill the container with air. Disengage the regulator tool before you make any kind of repairs. Slowly detach the female socket’s ring and let the pressure go out from the pipe.

While working with the nozzles, exhaust pipes, keep them away from facing your face and eye. The air pressure removed from them has a high velocity and can damage your eyes if faced towards you.

Moisture or water can damage the air compressor’s parts. So it’s better to remove the water from the tank regularly.  There is a purge valve on the underside. Unscrew them by turning them anti-clockwise. Continue to let out the condensed water from it. Close the valve when dry air starts to come. Do this every 3 or 4 days.

4. Consider the Air Pressure

When the air compressor is turned off for a couple of hours, you can always relieve the pressure of the tank to minimize wear and lessen condensation. To relieve the air pressure, shut down the machine and pull out the brass ring on the air outlet.

The new models of air compressors don’t need any oil as they are oil-free. But if your air compressor needs it, use the oil suggested on the manual guide. Don’t overuse or overfill the oil.


Always try to operate your air compressor in an open area to avoid any obstructions. Keep the machine in a dry area and away from wet or moisturized surfaces. Remember to disconnect the power cords and turn off the power button after use.

So how to use the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor? You already know it, right? Follow the steps to safely operate the machine!

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