How to make a hole in a glass bottle with a lighter – Learn How Quick And Easy It Is!

Do you want to make a hole in your glass bottle for a science project or to do it just for watering your plants with shiny bottles and you have nothing without a lighter? Well, you can make simple holes in the glass bottle with just a lighter. Though it is simple, you need to know some precautions including glass types, the temperature, the tools along with a lighter. So, this article will clearly illustrate how to make a hole in a glass bottle with a lighter along with some other techniques.

There is nothing to worry about being an expert, you just need to know a few basic things which are illustrated in this article.

How is Glass Bottle Made?

Well, glass is a hard, brittle, amorphous material. So, it’s made from fused inorganic materials by melting sand, lime, and sodium carbonate at very high temperatures. This varies in the elemental form again depending on what type of glass and as a result many shapes and colors can be derived from glasses and a bottle shape can be given easily.

Types of Glasses from Which Bottles Are Made

  • Soda-Lime Glass: The most common type of glass which accounts for 90% of manufactured glass. It is used for windowpanes, beverage bottles, and light bulbs.
  • Borosilicate Glass: It is melted at a higher temperature than typical silicate glass. It is used in cookware and lab equipment.
  • Leaded Glass: This glass has a sparkling effect and it is so much thin. It is used in operating theatres, labs, medical imaging, and dental and veterinary facilities.
  • Tempered or Safety Glass: The glass is a powerful substance and when it breaks it dices into square pieces. It is used for the side and rear windows of automobiles.
  • Laminated Glass: It is a strong glass combined with plastic wrap. Cars’ windshields are constructed with it.
  • Mirrored (Reflective) Glass: Glass has been treated with a metallic substance creating mirror-like properties.

The glass bottle is made with Soda-Lime Glass and Borosilicate Glass in different sizes and shapes. In addition, the Leaded Glass is also used along with these mentioned Soda-Lime Glass and Borosilicate Glasses. The Soda Lime glasses are inexpensive, easy to melt to give shape, stable, and easy to recycle. As a result, this glass material is more used in making glass bottles as they can easily be shaped and derived into thin or thick measures.

How to Make a Hole in a Glass Bottle with a Lighter?

Making a hole in the glass bottle with a lighter is a daunting task. The glass bottle can be cut easily with a lighter fire but there isn’t an exact round hole by this following process. But it will work.

As you observed, the lighter has the required heat to make a hole in a glass bottle and you definitely have a lighter with you. In addition, you need a 4-5-inch-thick steel pin or nail. Also, you need to get the ice water or an ice piece ready before the experiment beside the lighter.

First, pick the area you want to make the hole in and check if it is neat and clean. Then take the lighter and heat up the selected area along with the head steel pin or nail for a few minutes preferably 1-2 minutes based on the thickness of the glass bottle.

Next, when the selected area gets heated up also with the head of the steel pin or nail, take the pin or nail carefully and attach it to the selected area of the glass bottle. Finally, immediately put it in the ice water and you will find a cut-type hole in the selected area. Not entirely a round hole but a horizontal or vertical line hole that can work out as a hole.

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Safety Measures to Take in Making a Hole in The Glass Bottle

To cut the glass into 2 pieces or make a hole with a lighter or fire may be dangerous. So, for this part as it may be dangerous different safety measures can be taken to be safe as your hand, eye, and face can be injured by the blast or some unfavorable circumstances. Though it is not mandatory, different safety measures should be followed.

So, what are those safety measures? The safety measures include having protective hand gloves and pra protective eye shield, choosing the glass material, thickness and thinness of the glass material, the cleanliness of the glass material, and last but not least the location of your experiment.

Protective Gloves and Eye Shield

Protective Gloves and Eye Shield
Protective Gloves and Eye Shield

If you don’t want to have a serious injury problem with your hand and face, the protective hand gloves and eye shield is a must. Unfortunately, if there are any unfavorable circumstances with the experiment then the hand gloves and eye shield will be your best companion. A fire extinguisher can add extra benefit.

Bottle Material

When you choose your glass bottle whatever the material is, make sure if it is a thin glass or a thick glass as thick glasses need more heat than thin glass. You can get a low heat with the lighter with the side push button and also more heat with the same push button as there is an option for both of them. So, use the low push button to thin glass and the high heat push button for thick glass.

Clean and Dry Bottle

Clean and Dry Bottle
Clean and Dry Bottle

Moreover, take a look at the glass as it needs to be clean without any other substances, or else the glass can explode or get melted with that substance.  That’s why take out the stickers or any wrappers around the glass. Also, clean it with soap and water as there cannot be any dust or leftover drinks inside it. The inside drinks can contain alcohol and the alcohol may rage to an exploding fire with the contact of the fire though if it is a little fire. So, a clean and pure bottle is a must.

Also, make sure you dried up the bottle with sun or others after cleaning it with soap and water. Because the fire won’t be combined with the wet glass bottle.

Location of Experiment

Now, make sure the area you selected is an open area where there is little or no furniture or soft particles at all which can easily catch fire. Because you can’t tell when and how accidents can happen. For this reason, the bedroom, and dining room are not preferable and the kitchen is strictly not allowed. As a result, the garage, the backyard, or the field area is instructed to make the hole in the glass bottle.

3 Other Ways to Cut a Glass Bottle

If you need to cut a bottle into 2 pieces. there are other ways to do it and here 3 other ways are stated to cut glass bottles.

  • Using a string
  • Using a glass cutter 
  • Using a bottle cutter

Using a String

Using a String for glass bottle
Using a String

Get a string and wrap it around the bottle. Tie it to the bottle and cut off the ends. Take it off and soak it in acetone. Put it back on the bottle, preferably on the line that looks like a point where the glass is joined or a point where the glass starts to bend. If you’ll put the string somewhere else, most likely you will fail to cut the bottle or the result will be horrible. Light up the string and spin the bottle until most of the acetone has burned. Drop the bottle in the cold water. The cut will be smooth and perfect.

Using a Glass Cutter

Using a Glass Cutter tools
Using a Glass Cutter

This one looks a little bit better. If you want a better cut, and you want to be able to adjust the point of fracture, you can use an ordinary glass cutter and duct tape or any other tape that fits your bottle. Push your glass cutter down and lightly towards the bottle. Now rotate the bottle until both ends of the line meet. It’s not easy to score the line this way as it’s very tiring and you need steady hands. Once you have your line scored, heat it up on the candle or the lighter and cool it down with ice. Repeat the procedure until the bottle splits into 2 pieces.

Using a Bottle Cutter

Using a Bottle Cutter matchine
Using a Bottle Cutter

The best and easiest way to cut the bottle is by using a bottle cutter. Take any bottle cutter. Once you have adjusted the cutting point, put the bottle in the cutter and turn it towards you until you hear a crunching sound. Heat the scoring line on the candle and cool it down with ice. And again, repeat the procedure until the bottle splits into 2 pieces. You never know at what point the bottle will split. It might split when you heat it up or when you cool it down or sometimes in the middle of both. When it is done, the cut is smooth and Perfect.


Making a hole in the glass bottle is straightforward and easy but working with glasses needs carefulness, and patience as any unavoidable circumstances can happen. You may need the experiment very badly but obviously not sacrificing your own safety, right? So, follow the upper stated safety measures if possible.

Any adult with the stated technique can make a hole in a glass bottle. Though it is an easy way, if you think there are more easy ways, you can try that and also leave a comment for more convenient ways. For now, thank you for reading the article.

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