Best 6 1/2 circular saw blade with buying guide -2021

A circular saw blade will give its maximum function with a good quality blade. A best 6-½ circular saw blade ideal for cutting a variety of materials.

The right blade offers versatile functions with precise cuts. For instance, a good circular blade can cut metal, wood, lumber, hardwood, softwood, and cut plywood cabinets. To pick the best, you need to look at some essential features of the Best 6 1/2 circular saw blade.

At first glance, you will find every blade alike. However, there are a lot of differences in the features, materials, and functionality of every blade. So for cutting or for a specific task, you need a particular circular saw blade. To make the right decision and not get confused in a lot of choices, we pick dome best saw blades for you. All these saw blades have different functionality. Here have a look at this quick table to choose the one that you need directly.

DEWALT DWA1612CMB 6-1/2-Inch 18/24-Tooth Circular Saw Blade

Usually, 6-1/2inch saw blades are an essential tool of the artistic industry. Most people use it for ideal cross-cutting and framing. DEWALT provides you ease with the Best 6 1/2 circular saw blade for smooth cutting. The blade lasts long because of its rigid tooth design for accurate cutting and balance. There is the use of portended body slots for vibration reduction, in cutting applications.

Best 6-1/2 circular saw blade

The teeth of the Circular saw blade manufactured with tungsten carbide. The teeth are durable and provide longer life. The shoulders of the saw blades are designed for reliability and durability. Moreover, shoulders have resistance against nail embedded woods. Furthermore, the blades have a tough coating, and you can use it on cordless and corded circular saws. It also reduces gumming and friction. The package will include a 6-½ circular saw blade, a 24 T, and an 18 T combo pack.

Product features:

  • For accurate tracking throughout the Circular life, the tough track teeth are exclusive and patent pending.
  • Tungsten carbide used in the construction of the Circular saw blade. The tungsten carbide material will make the Circular saw wear-resistance and rigid.
  • For smooth cuts the kerf design is thin, and the shoulders are impact-resistant in nail-embedded wood.
  • The total number of teeth is 24.
  • The cuts will stay smooth and accurate throughout the whole life of the circular saw blade.
  • For reduced vibration, the body has patented slots.


  • High-density tungsten carbide
  • Reinforced shoulder
  • Ant-stick coating


  • No ripping blade

ROK 6-½ inch circular saw blade

The framing saw blade 6 ½ inch, has 18 kerf thin teeth. You can correctly use it for cross-cutting and for ripping. Furthermore, you can use it for soft and hardwoods. Moreover, there are a total of 40 teeth with the saw blade that will work for heavy-duty and light-duty tasks.

ROK 6-½ inch circular saw blade-Best 6-1/2 circular saw blade

The saw blades’ framing is 18T, and there will be three saw blades in the bundle. The material used in the construction of these blades is carbide tips. Moreover, the blades will provide accurate cutting and smooth framing.

Product features:

  • The bundle of the circular saw blades has three blades. Moreover, the finishing blades have 40 teeth.
  • Moreover, there are 24 T general purpose blades in the package.
  • The thin kerf teeth manufactured with the carbide tips material.
  • It will fit all cordless circular saw of ⅝ inch arbor.
  • To prevent blade warping the saw blades have expansion slots. The expansion slots will make the blade durable and reliable.


  • Accurate
  • High-quality materiel
  • Durable


  • Not fit for a corded saw

DEWALT 6-1/2-inch circular saw blade

Here we have a saw blade with 90 teeth, and it can perform all heavy-duty works with great accuracy. There is the use of stainless steel material for the more extended durability of the product. There is an anti-stick coating on the rims of the blades to reduce all kinds of stickiness and friction.

Best 6-1/2 circular saw blade

Moreover, the blades have a thin kerf of 0.59. The product has a 10 mm arbor to reduce its ripping, and there is a 3-degree hook angle. The blades of the saw are very thin, and there is the use of vinyl/paneling, and they will provide excellent accuracy in cutting and framing.

Product features:

  • The blades are ultra-thin for faster cutting and framing.
  • The anti-stick coating will reduce all kinds of gum-up and friction for excellent work.
  • There are a total of 90T steel blades for all types of work.
  • There is the use of a 10mm arbor to minimize all kinds of ripping.
  • Moreover, the hook angle of the saw blade is 3-degree.
  • The circular saw blade has a one-year warranty and a 30-day no-risk trial.


  • Accurate Circular saw blade
  • Thick blades
  • Stainless steel materiel


  • Pricey

Oshlun SBNF-065060 6-½ INCH TCG saw blade

The design of the TCG saw blade is for precision and accuracy. The saw blade has a triple chip tooth and carbide tips made with tungsten material. The carbide material will make it highly durable, and it will ensure burr-free cuts. You can cut all types of non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, and some plastic.

Best 6-1/2 circular saw blade

The blades of the saw are tungsten carbide chips and for precise cutting. It is a saw blade that is specially prepared for cutting and forming non-ferrous metals.

Product features:

  • The hook angles of the blades are negative.
  • The saw blades can fit any 6-½ inch saws.
  • The tooth grind has a triple chip, and that is for precision and accuracy.
  • In the material of the saw blade, there is the use of grade c-1 carbide.
  • For cooler operation, the saw blades have a heat vents system.


  • Precise and accurate saw blade
  • Durable
  • Triple chip tooth


  • Not for non-ferrous metals

CMT P0603 ITK plus saw blade for finishing

If you are searching for a saw blade that prevents the wastage of the material, then the CMT plus saw blade is the choice. The saw blade has an industrial quality, and it can perform all kinds of heavy-duty tasks efficiently. 

The steel plates are highly resistant and will prevent users from all kinds of vibrations during the work. Moreover, the damping channels will also reduce the wrapping during the work. There is the use of high-quality carbide material for the more extended durability of the blades. There is a shear angle grind on the blade’s teeth to improve the cutting speed and smoothness of all the cuts. It will also ensure less cutting force.

CMT P0603 ITK plus saw blade for finishing- Best 6-1/2 circular saw blade

The non-stick coating of the blades will keep the blades cool and also give protection against corrosion. You can use the saw blade for all kinds of woods; even you can use it for wet lumber.

Product features:

  • The circular saw blade has ground teeth that are finished with smoothness, and they will make faster cuts quickly.
  • You can use the saw blade for cutting lumber wood, OSB sheets, and plywood.
  • You can easily use it with a portable and cordless saw.
  • The hook angle of the saw is 20 degrees, and the thickness of the plates is 0.039. Moreover, the kerf thickness is 0.069.
  • There is the use of no-stick orange to make the blades corrosion-free and also to make the cuts smooth without getting hot.


  • Ground teeth blade saw
  • Corrosion-free
  • Non-sticky features


  • Not for corded saws

Concord blades TCT general purpose saw blade

The concord blade is a general-purpose saw blade with carbide saw blades for finishing, ripping, and cross-cutting. You can use it on various kinds of woods. A thin kerf is for a smooth finish used to make it a saw blade that provides minimum wastage. You can use the saw blade for plywood, softwoods, hardwoods, decking, and all kinds of wood composites.

Concord blades TCT general purpose saw blade

The thickness of the kerf is 2.0mm, and there is the use of ATB grind. The hook angle of the saw blade is 12 degrees. Last but not least, there is the use of ⅝ ich arbor in the saw blade.

Product features:

  • The TCT saw blade’s construction is high quality and there is the use of grade steel blade with tips of titanium carbide. The ends of the blade will make it a highlet=y efficient and quick.
  • You can use this saw on the miter saw hand saws, cordless saws, and chop saws. Furthermore, the saw blade RPM is more than 8300.
  • The blades have thin kerfs for a smooth finish and minimum wastage. The lower hook angle improves the surface of quality to increase the fee pressure.
  • The degree of the hook is 20, and the thickness of the kerf is 2.0mm.


  • High-quality materiel
  • Thickness
  • For multiple types of saws


  • No anti-stick coating

Norske Tools NCSBP210 6-½ INCH metal cutting saw blade

The Norske metal cutting saw blade’s design is for innovation and precision for maximum performance and accuracy. There is pro-quality material in constructing the saw blade that makes it highly reliable and durable. It is the best 6- ½ Circular saw blade for the cutting of metal.

Norske Tools NCSBP210 6-½ INCH metal cutting saw blade

Product features:

  • There are a total of 48 teeth that make the blades highly precise and give maximum performance.
  • It is a saw blade for professionals, with 8 ounces weight and multiple features.
  • The angle of the saw blade is 0 hook. Moreover, this angle will reduce jamming, overfeeding, kickback, and tooth breakages.
  • The chip grinds of the saw blade are modified, and it will make the more effortless and quick cutting of metal.
  • The C6 micro-grain carbide used in the construction of the tips of the teethes.


  • Pro-quality saw blade for professionals
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • There are some complaints about the arbor size. Always, check your arbor size before buying.

Is it worth sharpening circular saw blades?

One of the most durable types of circular saw blades is carbide-tipped saw blades. However, after 3 to 4 years, you will see the blades become dull, and they have less sharpness capability. So what is a good thing to do in this condition? Either you should replace them, or you should do sharpening of the blades.

But the most important question that arises here is; is it worth sharpening circular saw blades? The answer is yes, sharpening of expensive blades is a good idea. However, if you have very low-quality saw blades, you need to replace them instead of sharpening them.

If you have decided to sharpen your blades, you need the best sharpening tool and good sharpening skills. If you are not professional, then you should take help from any professional. It will take a few bucks, but your blade will come in a brand new condition.

Moreover, if you want to sharpen yourself, we will suggest you use a diamond sharpener. You need to keep in mind the sharpening with had, depending on two factors; the right tool and the right. So if you are not so confident, then it is good to help any professional or watch some youtube tutorials to avoid any inconvenience.  

Best 6 1/2 circular saw blade Buying guide.

The Circular saw blade used for the cutting of plywood and plastic products. If you are using a circular saw blade, you will know that the blade burnt over time. You can buy a new blade or a sharp old one, but we recommend purchasing the new one. In this buying guide, we will give you full details about 6.5 circular saw blades, from which you can learn many things that which type of blade will work for you. Here are some essential factors to keep in mind before buying a 6.5-inch circular saw blade.

Blades Size

These circular saw blades come for different types of work in various sizes. The bigger size skill saw blades are for heavy work, and the small size blade is made to cut small objects. If you use the edges to cut the wood piece or stocks with a diameter of 2 inches, then a 6.5-inch circular saw blade is best for you. For safety reasons, the bigger blade is more dangerous than the small blade.

Arbor Hole Size

Another thing to consider is the arbor hole size. The arbor connects the blade with the machine, one of the essential factors of circular saw blades to notice before buying a blade. For standard 8 and 10 blades, arbor hole diameters typically sit at 5/8. The other blades sizes and arbor gave below:

  • 12 to 16 blade sizes are equal to 1 arbor.
  • 7 to 10 blades size is equivalent to 5/8 arbor.
  • 6 blades size is equivalent to 1/2 arbor.
  • 3 blades size is equivalent to 1/4 arbor.

Teeth count

If you ever use the circular saw blades, you will see the small teeth in the edges that play an essential role in cutting wood or metal. And this is very important to check the blade’s teeth; it comes with the option of 40 or 60 teeth, in which the more teeth are much sharper than the fewer teeth blades.


After usage of the blades for a year or more, they stop cutting correctly, or any other reason in the Circular saw blade from which you have to change it. Their warranty is essential to replace the blades and get a new one from the company. Some blades have a 1-year warranty from the purchase date; many come with 5 years warranty, some have a lifetime warranty. A good option for people to choose the best Circular saw blade with a long time warranty.

FAQs about Best 6 1/2 circular saw blade

Some questions which most people asked about Circular saw blades. Here is some information on frequent questions:

How thick can a 6 1/2 circular saw cut?

The 6 ½ size circular saw cutters are mostly used for wood and stock cutting. In the circular saw cutter, you can easily cut the depth in 2-inch diameter, in this size don’t expect the small saw blade to cut something more than 2.5 inches deep, most tools can adjust their size per the work required.

Who makes the best circular saw blades?

Dewalt circular saw blades are the best circular saw blades at the lowest price and most affordable. If you are familiar with blades, most know about this company, which made many power tools, including circular saw blades. Their blades come with 60 teeth that are much higher and sharper than other blades, they also offer 3 years of warranty.

Should I buy a corded or cordless circular saw?

There are different types of saws in the market, and they have other functions. It depends on your needs to choose the best one, making it easy and comforts your woodworks. The corded or cordless circular saw is best for DIY works, if you’re a trading person, this is the best hand tool you need. Because the corded circular saw is to cut plywood, roof, bookcase, lumber for framing quickly.

What is the best blade for cutting?

Many teeth help determine the type, speed and finishing offcuts. So blades which have more teeth are best for smoothest cutting. If you want the best cutting blade then before buying determine their teeth which play an essential role in cutting.

What is the most popular Circular saw blade size?

The most popular and standard circular blade size is 7 ¼ Inches. The blade with the size of 6 inches or more can easily cut 2 inches of depth at a 45-degree angle in a single pass. At 90 angle degrees, the 5 3/8 inches of circular saw blade cut through 2 inches of dimensional.


As we know, there are many choices when it comes to picking the best circular saw blades. Moreover, every saw blade is manufactured with different kinds of material, features, and purposes. So we need to select the one that is required. Thus, we choose some best market choices with excellent quality material, features, and excellent customer ratings.

Moreover, we differentiate all the products with their best features, so you need to know what you need and find it here in no time. Our complete buying guide will help you pick the Best 6 1/2 circular saw blade. So, consider your personal preferences and choose from our best recommendations. The choice is all yours, pick your favorite one and give another level of professionalism in framing and cuttings.

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