All you need to know for making the hydrostatic lawn mower faster

Today we’re going to discuss one of the commonly sought questions about lawnmowers. Yes! You’ve guessed it right that is –how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster. Lawn Mowers are one of the most essential appliances that people usually have. But the thing is, there are often situations when we feel the necessity of making things a bit faster. The same things go for hydrostatic lawn mowers. Here, we feel the need to make them a bit faster than what it was before. That is why, in this article, we will be discussing and learning about making lawn mower faster.

More about the basics 

Before starting with anything else, we need to learn some basic things about hydrostatic lawn mowers. First of all, this gadget allows you a hydrostatic transmission to get through a wide range of speeds.

Instead of just operating with a gearbox’s already given rates, this provides you with an option to select the gear as you wish. 

Hydrostatic mowers transmission combines a pump operated by a hydraulic system with a hydraulic motor to power the entire machine.  

Now, we will discuss several stages and things that you need to complete and have a proper check – to make your hydrostatic lawn mower fast and swift. 

Regular Maintenance

Every machinery needs proper regular checkup. Otherwise, it won’t perform the way it used to. So check every part of the lawnmower from time to time.  

Let’s talk about them more in details:

Did you check the tires? 

The type of tires that you are using, along with the proper air pressure, is one of the most crucial elements of the speed of a hydrostatic lawn mower. People are getting racing lawn mower transmissions all the time and expecting that their hydrostatic lawn mower will be faster. But that is not the truth.  Getting a fancy gearbox doesn’t mean that you will be traveling at a higher speed with that thing. Having the correct amount of air pressure level is also crucial for both the driving part and the safety part. 

Type of Fluids 

Hydrostatic lawn mowers use a lot of different types of fluid inside their system. That is, of course, due to the nature that it operates mostly on hydraulic oil pressures. Using the correct type of fluid can make a significant difference. 

And when the standard hydraulic oil is quite good enough for some more. Our advice is that the best brands that are already recommended by the manufacturer should be used for the most part. 

Because come on, they recommend it for a reason, right? 

Also, there are some important checks that you need to fulfil: 

  • Oil levels 
  • Damages/ leaks 
  • Air filter condition 

All of the things that I have said in the above part will have a significant role to play. It is because the oil level is critical for having the proper efficiency and power output. 

Any opening on the hydraulic system or any leakage can prevent the machine from performing at its full capability. 

Just as any other engine, if the entire combustion system is not getting proper air, then it will not give the correct output. And that is why the air filter part is also important to keep a proper check of. 

 Apart from that, check every bolt and screw and also properly clean the air filters. 

That’s it about the checkup. Now let’s talk about our main concerns here, which is how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster. 

Transmission modifications 

Below are some basic things that you can change and adjust a little bit to get more output from the machine. 

Bigger tires

The first thing that you should try is to install a larger tire over the system. As long as it still fits the machine, you can go along with it because that will be able to make the machine go faster. A bigger tire also amounts to composed handling. Which increases the controllability of the lawnmower. 

Keep your blades new and shining

Most people think that if you just keep the blades clean and rotate it at a swift pace, it will be doing fine. But that is not a thing. This is obvious. If you want your mower to go through the grass with a higher amount of speed, you need to install new blades. Because new blades will give you better performance and more stability of the machine while operating it. 

Remove the governor 

If you don’t know this already, the governor restricts the ability of the lawnmower’s engine to Rev up the motor. So basically, what this means is that if you remove it, you will be unlocking some more horsepower from the engine. 

To be honest, this is the very first thing that you should do if you expect your lawnmower to go fast. You can also try lawn mower pulley swap to see the difference.  

Getting in a bigger pulley 

If you are using your hydrostatic lawn mower as a riding mower, you can always go for the step to make a riding mower pulley swap. A bigger pulley ensures faster speed. If you were to get it right, the speed you are getting from that machine would significantly increase. 

However, it might feel a little complicated for specific models. But with the proper research and a little bit of study, you will be able to get this right easily. 

You need to be sure that you are getting the exact and the proper hydrostatic model for the transaxle. Also, check out that you are doing all of the steps in the right manner. 

Working on the hydraulic drive 

We wouldn’t recommend calling this a modification of the entire machine. But of course, this is a necessary procedure. One of the simple reasons behind this is that hydrostatic lawn mowers lose power if the engine fails to purge it before it is under deployment. It is also very crucial for getting a proper hydrostatic transmission adjustment. 

Because the transmission controls how much torque and how much horsepower you will be getting out from your system in real-time.

And if you can manage a proper quality Craftsman hydrostatic transmission adjustment, you will be getting a lot of output from the engine. 

Three simple and basic tricks that you can use to make your hydrostatic lawn faster


Dismantle all the attachments. The attachments that come along with them or are given for utility purposes. But if you want to increase your speed, then you need to shed weight as much as possible. 

Because as the basic principle of speed goes, the more that you can lose weight from the same system, the better speed that you will have.  So just for now, try to eliminate the nonessential attachments that you don’t need as a necessity.


Powerful fuel changes the game. People don’t know about this too much. But if you are using higher quality fuel, you will have better combustion out of the engine. High octane gas has a higher burn rate with more efficiency and produces more power to the engine. 


The blade assembly plays a significant role. This goes especially for those who are looking for a little thrill and adventure in their lives. If you are willing to participate in lawn mower racing, then disconnecting the blade assembly would be a better solution. 

Let me explain this. 

If you disconnect the blade assembly, not only it reduces the weight of the entire system. Therefore, it also decreases the drag from the wind and the dirt particles from the ground. 

Final Tips

The lawnmower is for mowing the lawn. But that is what the manufacturers say. Of course, there are certain other aspects and certain other things that you can and want to try with your hydrostatic lawn mower. And when you think to yourself about how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster, the things that we have been discussing throughout this whole article will help you a lot.

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