How to Screw into Woods with a Screwdriver: Complete Guide

Do you know how to screw into woods with a screwdriver? You are about to get the whole idea about it. 

For carpenters screwing into woods is an everyday occurrence. From putting a picture frame to building a workstation, your wood needs to use bolts. So that’s why you need to get the proper idea of how to screw into woods with a screwdriver. 

You might think that it is such a simple task, you can’t go wrong with it. But this is where you are mistaken. If you don’t do it right, a lot can go wrong even here. You might break the screw head, break the whole thing or you might just split the board accidentally.  So we are here to make sure you don’t make these common mistakes in your work. Trust me, your self-esteem will go down a notch if you are unable to do this right. I will make sure it doesn’t happen by discussing the whole process at length.

Getting to Know the Tools

Before starting a journey somewhere, you need to know the route. Likewise, before starting the wood screwing, you should get accustomed to the tools you are going to work with.


Screwdriver is the main tool here. It has three parts. A Handel; The part you hold on to, a shank; The middle part, and the tip. There are many variations to it on both the manual or electric drivers.

  • Power Screwdriver: Power screwdriver is the last addition of the electric screwdriver. It is a heavy power tool that works smoothly and swiftly. It is a cordless one which makes removing and putting screw work much easier. Also comes with extra bits. 
  • Flat-Head Screwdriver: This one has a flat head and works well with any screw. This is the most common screwdriver. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Get different sizes in your toolbox. You might need it for different projects. 
  • Philips Screwdriver: Another common type of screwdriver. It is most commonly known as a cross-head screwdriver. It is mostly compatible with crosshead bolts.  
  • Interchangeable Head: This one is handy for your work. You can change the heads. So you won’t need both flathead and Phillips if you have this one. 


Every professional should have a drill at their home. Because you might need it often. But what if you don’t have it? Can you screw into the wood without drilling? We will get to it later. 

Drills are primarily used for making a hole for screwing. It also helps in tightening or loosening the bolts. There is two variant in this: 

  • Cordless:  This one runs on battery, a little heavy, but you can carry it anywhere. 
  • CordedAnother one is the corded one. You will need a power socket for it to work correctly. 

You would also need bits to drill into the wood.  Bits are the part of the drill that goes inside the wood to make a whole. 

Twist Bits: To make a small hole, you can use this sort of drill bit. 

Auger Bits: For medium size sanctions, you can use this one. The best works to make a hole from 8mm to more. 

Forstner Drill Bits: This one is for the large whole. You can make up to 30mm diameter whole with this thing. 


Now let’s talk about the bolt, the part that you will be drilling into the wood. There are six variants of it. They come in different shapes and sizes too. 

  1. The Wood Screw: This is the most famous of all. The name doesn’t mean that it is necessarily made out of wood. Rather it denotes that it is used for joining two wood parts. They have a highly pointy end which makes them ideal for wood screwing. 
  2. Lag Screw: These screws are a little bit bigger on the side. They are big wood screws with a zing coat. The zinc protects it from rusting. 
  3. Twinfast Screw: It has two threads and a unique design. With this twin thread, it can go into the rough surface twice as fast. People usually use it on drywalls. 
  4. Machine Screw: It is usually used in mechanical products. They can hold heavy metals together hence they are popular among tech geeks. 
  5. Sheet Metal Object: Sheet metal screws are made in such a way that they can penetrate any sheet metal object. They are widely famous in the woodworking society too for their sturdiness and pointy end. 
  6. Security Screw: These screws can’t be removed that easily. You will need specialized tools to remove these screws. That is why they are used in security products. For instance CCTV cameras. 

How to Screw into woods with a screwdriver 

screwing with screwdriver

Let us talk about how to screw into the woods. Here we will discuss two processes, with a drill and without a drill. 

How to screw into the wood with a drill 

screwing with drill

Screwing with a drill is relatively easy compared to without. You can master it in no time. 

  • Always wear safety gear while working tinkering with woods. 
  • Now that you are ready, start drilling the wood with a drill machine. Put the drill bit straight against the workpiece. 

Setting at the right speed is a highly important move. If the speed is too much then the work will come out all bumpy and untidy. However, if the speed is too much the wood piece can heat up, and burn spots might form. 

Tip: Make sure you move along with the wood grain. 

  • While drilling the workpiece can move. So I would suggest you put two clamps at both ends to secure the wood. 
  • You should also put a scrape panel underneath the wood. That way your workstation won’t get damaged while working. 
  • If you are going to join two pieces, you need to make pre-holes. Make the upper part around one mm. First, measure it on your screw then put a sign on the bit. Make the other one a few mm smaller. 

By this method, we ensure the perfect thread grip. 

  • After making the hole you can use any screwdriver to insert the bolt. Make sure it is compatible with the screw. With that said, place the screw above the hole. Then use the screwdriver to insert it. 

Make sure to hold the upper portion of the screwdriver with your dominant hand. Your shoulders should be parallel to the screwdriver for smooth maturation. 

  • Unless it is a flat-headed screw, don’t put the entire screw in. 

How to Screw into the Wood without a Drill

screwing without drill

Drilling a screw into the wood without an electric drill is absolutely possible. Before its invention of it, people used to do it manually. It just requires a little bit of strength and time. You can get a good workout by doing it manually too. 

  • First, make a pilot hole. You can do it by hammering a nail in the place where you want to screw. You won’t get a giant hole as you get with an electric drill. 
  • Now that you have the pilot hole put the screw head into the hole. 
  • After that, place the screwdriver tip on the bolt’s head
  • Now start turning it clockwise. 
  • Keep rotating it until the whole screw is almost inserted. After that stop. You shouldn’t put the whole thing in. 
  • After making the pilot hole make sure to take out the nail carefully. If the nail is too stubborn then sure pilers. If you take it out abruptly then it will cause some fraction on the board. 
  • Also while working with the screw and driver make sure you have held them both tightly. And don’t put too much pressure on the wood. Otherwise, the wood might slip away and cause some sort of accident. Use clamps if needed. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to screw into the wood without splitting?

The one thing most newbies Frears doing while screwing into woods is that the board might get split. However, it can be easily avoided. Most famous carpenters suggest that you should make a pilot hole first. This makes the screw thread smoothly go into the wood rather than slipping it. 

Should I re-use a screw?

You shouldn’t use a bolt twice. Because screws might get rusty after staying inside for a long time. And after inserting a screw somewhere it will have particles stuck to it after taking it out. So if you reuse it l come off easily. 

What kind of screws is great for woodwork?

For woodwork, I would recommend either a wood screw or a metal screw. They have pointy ends. So you can insert it smoothly. And they are hard too. While inserting it with a screwdriver they remain mostly steady depending on your skills. 


No doubt screwing is an easy part. You can master it pretty easily. But still, mistakes can happen at any time especially if you are not careful enough. So our article on how to screw into woods with a screwdriver will surely help you in this matter. 

Try to follow all the tips I have mentioned. And then you will be able to maximize your work experience. 

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