5 Best Gas Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass

Is it easy? Yes, the gas lawn mower is easy to run longer in any tough cutting conditions. The most exciting thing is that gas lawnmowers are affordable and durable though some cordless mowers require battery replacements.

However, property owners are careful in lawn mowing and grass cutting. Because lawn care is a crucial as well as an unavoidable maintenance task. Owners must schedule regularly to ensure lawns that look consistent in color and length.

Without choosing the right lawn mower, it can be challenging to cut the Bermuda lawn properly. There are numerous lawnmowers in the market. So, what is the best gas lawn mower for Bermuda grass?

This text will provide you with the five best alternatives. Plus, you find all the necessary data, some FAQs, and a buying guide on this matter.

Types of Gas Lawn Mowers for Bermuda Grass

Gas lawn mowers are several designs and types for Bermuda grass. The main three types are push reel mowers, self-propelled mowers, and wide-area mowers. Here is a brief description of them.

Push Reel Mower

The push reel mower is one of the popular lawn mowers coming with a sharpened blade and classic designs for your Bermuda grass. This type of mower is not as expensive as other styles. Don’t think that a push reel mower is not powerful. You get the most power within a short budget if you select this walk-behind mower.

Some of the push reel mowers offer prices of only $100 or less $100 without any maintenance costs. When you run your mower and you maintain it through the backyard, you feel better. It is one kind of exercise. This man-power tool has no auto drive so you need to push it. No worries the pushing system is easy for every user.

The exceptional feature is push reel mowers safety where power mowers can cause death if you are not careful. Anyone can use this machine without risk. But, keep in mind when you are using it, you have to know which troubles still exist. 

Sometimes your push reel mower jams when it runs over rocks. But, there is no way to burn yourself on. As a smart person, you feel pleasure to use the push reel mowers. And, it is necessary to mow Bermuda grass in your yard every week.

So, a traditional walk-behind push mower requires the person to drive the mower forward without any technological help, just powered by sweat.

Self-Propelled Mower

Besides push reel mowers, self-propelled mowers are also walk-behind mowers. It is very easy to maintain. Its transmission powers the drive wheels to mow the yard. Many people select this type of mower due to its faster working.

Self-propelled mowers arrive in both single and variable-speed models. The most important thing, you don’t have to push this mower, just walk behind and guide it. Whether you choose the front, rear, or all-wheel drive, all models are easy to use.

But, front-wheel drive models are perfect for flat lawns and just tipping the front wheels back for turning. All-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive models are used to slice grass across slopes in up-and-down.

So, this tool can save energy and time. It allows you to cut through thick Bermuda grass without spending more effort. Even though the challenging areas. Alternatively, the self-propelled mowers offer you to improve or lessen the travel speed while operating them.

Wide-Area Mower

The Wide Area Mower is another popular type of gas lawn mower for Bermuda grass. The name wide-area indicates a vast & wide deck suitable for use on finish-type grass in flat areas and wide open. That means this mower provides a better as well as faster cutting quality than other small mowers.

It features mowing acres of Bermuda grass unbroken by culverts, slopes, closely spaced obstacles, and more. You can do your job as fast as you expect. Most of the wide-area mowers come with two different models, walk-behind and zero-turn models, and more than 48 inches bigger & wider cutting decks.

So, there is no doubt that these mowers are specifically designed for cutting more efficiently along with at higher speeds. If you are a professional, you can use this strong tool frequently.

Ultimate Review of the Best Gas Lawn Mowers for Bermuda Grass

 We discuss here five high-quality and best gas lawn mowers for Bermuda grass from our depth research, customer reviews, and experiment. All mowers listed are affordable, easy to use, and long-lasting. You get in-depth info on each product including features, pros, and cons.

Let’s see the details.

Our Top Pick

Greenworks 40V 21″ Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Yes, Greenworks 40V 21″ Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is our top selected product and the best gas lawn mower for Bermuda grass. This is one kind of cordless lawn mower and offers a lot of features. If the battery is fully charged, you can drive this machine for at least 70 minutes.

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality alloy steel;
  • Comes in excellent green color;
  • Seven height adjustment options;
  • Features 21” steel deck;
  • The run time is 70 minutes.

It features a 21-inch steel deck, 4.0Ah batteries, 7 alternative height adjustment positions, a brushless motor, etc. This electric lawn mower is able to control large areas of grass with ease and hurry. So, it is good for varies based on grass condition and operator technique.

There is no doubt that you get an adjustable walking speed. Dual battery ports help you to keep relaxed while running the mowers. Because the battery can switch automatically from one to another if the first battery drains. A longer motor life is also helpful to continue work.

Customers note that this electric mower is easy & effective to use but quite smaller than other brands. We keep this Greenworks 40V 21″ Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower in the top position due to its 3-in-1 versatile design and outstanding performance.


  • This is a maintenance-free and cost-effective self-propelled lawn mower;
  • Multiple height adjustment systems provide the best cut;
  • It allows for mulching, side discharge, and rear bag grass clippings.


  • Some customers complain about its battery life. But, two batteries can last about 1 hour of mowing.

Customers Experience & Feedback

Customers who have used this electric lawnmower share their positive and negative opinions. One user said that he never went back to other brands but there’s room for improvement. Another customer reported an excellent cut at full charge, but the batteries are not long-lasting and not good for thicker grasses. Overall buyer’s feedback and rating are 4 out of 5.   

My Opinion

I love this Greenworks mower for my Bermuda grass due to its super-cutting capacity. Despite some shortcomings, this mower is overall the best & affordable.

Runner Up

Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

With the brand Craftsman, be sure you are reaching a well-respected and top-level brand. The combination of a powerful 140-cc engine and an ample 21-inch mowing deck make it exceptional. This gas-powered lawn mower is perfect for yards 1/8 to 1/4 of an acre. Not suitable for a large yard.

Key Features

  • It comes with a 21-inch cutting deck;
  • Strong tires, 7 inches in the front and 8 inches in the back;
  • Gives a 3-in-1 smart design with Bagger;
  • Weighs 18.8 Pounds;
  • Offers different height settings.

Other essential features are three disposal settings, easy to push, six cutting heights, budget-friendly, etc. People who have tight budgets and don’t like the self-propelled mower turn on this excellent option. But, it is not suitable for a large yard.

Customers were pleased because of its affordability and simplicity. But remember, the company does not sacrifice the product’s quality. Users can change the height settings according to their cutting requirements. Six alternatives are available. You don’t feel uncomfortable operating this machine.


  • Worth in price;
  • It is easy to drive;
  • Perfect for side discharge, mulch, or bag;
  • Lightweight and durable;
  • It includes standard deck size.


  • Sometimes you feel tired using the non-padded grip;
  • Only use small and medium yards.

Customers Experience & Feedback

Many buyers have provided positive feedback who used the Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch lawn mower. The best client reviews, this push lawn mower is nice looking and offers clean cutting with ease. Alternatively, a few customers dislike working with a pushing system. The overall customer rating is 4.4 out of 5.

My Opinion

From my practical experience, Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch is overall good for small to medium yards. I did not feel unhappy handling this push because the shells are a perfect size.

Best Technology

PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower 21-Inch 144cc 3-in-1 Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower

Find the mower to clean up your lawn while mowing. This PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower includes a large rear bag to collect grass as well as clean up the lawn. The advancements this mower has made with its gasoline-powered mower include a pushing system.

Key Features

  • Contains 144CC 4-Stroke OHV engine;
  • Provides 5 adjustable grass-cutting height positions;
  • Suitable for  ¼ acre to ½ acre yard;
  • Comes with a 1.4 bushels large capability rear bag.

Thanks to its adjustable grass-cutting height. This is why you can cut your grass from 1-1/5 to 3 inches with the 5 different positions. With its 21-inch deck, this tool is suitable for yards between 1/4 acre and 1/2 acre.

This 3-in-1 walk-behind push lawn mower is attractive to buy when using its bagging, mulching, and side-discharge capacity. Another important thing is its powerful engine that supports mowing quickly and properly. So, there is no problem mowing wet grass, tall grass, or thick grass. We recommend this product due to its top performance.

Though some customers or users complain that the PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower is not as great as other competitors. But, it is an amazing product for the price. The downside, you can not use this lightweight machine for thick grass.


  • Ease of operation and runs well for the price;
  • Adjustable cutting height;
  • Large bag capacity;
  • Light in weight and easy to fold & unfold.


  • Not good for the rough yard;
  • Doesn’t work for thick grass.

Customers Experience and Feedback

Users say that the 21-inch PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower works great for cutting manicured grass but is limited to rough use. Someone said that the bag capacity is medium whereas the company says large bag capacity. And, the customer’s rating is 3.9 out of 5 lower than the previous two products.

My Opinion

I think this mower is not bad for quick cuts. But, I was disappointed when I went to cut the so thick lawn.

Best Quality

CRAFTSMAN M215 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Same brand? Don’t worry, Craftsman is one of the trusted brands. Craftsman M215 is also the best quality and relatively similar to our second-listed mower. Features a 140cc engine power, 21-inch deck, and 3-in-1 designs that are the same as the previous Craftsman M105.

Key Features

  • Many adjusting the cutting height;
  • Comes with a 140cc powerful engine;
  • 21-inch cutting deck;
  • 3-in-1 design.

So, the Craftsman M215 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled mower works well to cut the lawn from small to medium yards. Thanks to its wide cutting deck to mow thorough areas of Bermuda grass quickly. Powered by a 140cc engine with an auto choke and recoil start.

Alternatively, you can change the height according to your needs and six different height options are available. You don’t need to provide more effort for moving the Craftsman M215 Gas Powered Lawn Mower around the yard. Just run the machine smoothly.

Negative thing is that the price is not good when considering the mower’s quality. Consumers who have small yards are happy to use this front-wheel drive mower.


  • Durable and lightweight;
  • Effortless to use and maintain;
  • Variable speed & self propelled;
  • Several cutting heights to suit.


  • Operators need to provide more attention;
  • Little pricey.

Customer Experience & Feedback

People who bought the Craftsman M215 model are not unhappy to cut multiple yards without any issues. But, their complaint is that the bag is not able to hold much and some parts are missing.

My Opinion

I recommend this model for those who have no problem investing more although the customer rating is 3.9 out of 5.

Best Performance

PowerSmart 22-inch 200cc Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

Although PowerSmart Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower is our last selected product, it comes with a more powerful engine than previously listed products. A powerful 4-stroke 200cc engine allows you to cut grass without hassles and gives a strong backup for clearing grass.

Key Features

  • A wider 22-inch cutting deck;
  • Includes 200cc engine;
  • Smart & lightweight design;
  • 5 alternatives height adjustment.

As an owner of a large yard, you don’t ignore this biggest opportunity. It has a 22-inch steel mowing deck that is flexible and elegant to cut a large area. Its air-cooling system keeps the engine cool so that you can work for a long time. Believe it or not, this powerful machine is lightweight and compact.

Other key features are 11.5-inch rear wheels, 5-position height adjustment, 3 years warranty, 3-in-1 side discharge & mulching capability, and more. You can easily adjust the cutting height from 1.2 to 3.5 inches.

Customers note that PowerSmart ensures the absolute best quality of the exclusive line of lawnmowers but it is a little expensive. Anyway, the combination of a powerful engine and lightweight design attracted me.


  • Top-quality performance;
  • Great customer support;
  • Super easy to maintain.


  • Made of cheap materials;
  • Expensive.

Client Experience & Feedback

Clients review, this Self-Propelled mower’s parts are not strong enough to work in the long term. Even no response when knocked. But, it is a very nice, awesome engine, and an easy-to-start feature. The overall rating is 3.5 out of 5.

My Opinion

In my test, the engine is powerful enough to cut the Bermuda lawn but the wheels are not rubber, just plastic.

What to Look for in a Mower for Bermuda Grass

Instead of selecting the perfect lawn mower, you can not work comfortably or cut grass completely. We accumulate here some consideration about what to look for in a mower.

Power Source

The power source is the first important factor to consider to choose the right one. A corded electric or petrol model? Or, push mower or battery type?

If you have a small garden, you can turn on the corded electric mower. This is powerful but not good for cutting long grass.

People who desire to cut large lawns can select petrol mowers. Petrol mowers are designed to be sharp and fast cut. But, you have to spend more to collect this high-power source machine. Plus, it features a larger engine and heavy deck. You can avoid petrol mowers if you dislike the petrol smell.

Be sure gas-powered lawnmowers come with a lot of power and you can drive them for a long time without worrying about recharge time. Although this type of tool requires more maintenance than electric mowers.

On the other hand, battery-powered mowers are more familiar due to their straightforward maintenance feature than gas-powered mowers. Keep in mind that they are less powerful and continue only for 45 to 50 minutes for each charge. The price range is higher than other types of mowers.

Cutting Width

Cutting the width range of a mower blade is another important factor you should consider before buying mowers. When mowing the lawn, how wide is the cutting path?

Cutting width indicates the flattest and widest part of the measurement. It can be calculated from edge to edge. Generally, the standard cutting width of any small lawn mower can be 28-35 cm cutting width.

Plus, most of the medium lawnmowers cut widths from 35 cm to 40 cm. The width of some medium to large lawnmowers is up to 40 cm and 105 cm width for cutting very large lawns.

So, you have to choose the optimal cutting width according to your garden size.

  • Small Lawns: 28-35 cm cutting width
  • Medium Lawns: 35-40cm cutting width
  • Large Lawns: up to 40cm cutting width

Cutting Height Range

To cut Bermuda grass, it is important to consider the lawn mower’s cutting height range. A mowing height of 1 to 2 inches can be a good job for your Bermuda grass. Alternatively, you need to turn on the 1/2 to 11/2 inches height rank for hybrid combinations.

If the mowing height is lower, it requires mowing frequently. So, from one to two inches height is an ideal mowing height for your Bermuda grass.



Price is one of the most important things when looking at a Bermuda grass mower. Before collecting, check the manual price and quality of the product. Most lawnmowers are budget-friendly for less than $200. Where a really great residential model with a Honda engine beginning around $400. So, you find the best one according to your budget.

Deck Size

Mowers that are suitable for cutting your Bermuda grass come with a wider deck. Different mowers have various deck sizes. Where walk-behind mowers contain a deck up to 22 inches. This size is good for a small garden. When you see the riding mower decks, they can be from 30 inches to 45 inches in most cases. But, the zero turn mowers have the largest deck like 48- to 60-inch.

Blade Type

The most common type of blades is the cylinder and the rotary. Cylinder blades are used to cut a very low apex, especially you can use this type of blade to cutting sports fields or golf course grass. Alternatively, rotary blades are designed to use on residential lawnmowers.  

Disposal Alternatives

Most of the mowers for Bermuda grass provide bagging, side discharge, or mulching. You know, mulching works to keep the grass clippings under the deck properly. It is also important to ensure a fine mulch by allowing multiple cuts. Some mowers contain baggers that accumulate the clippings in a bag.

Easy to Operate

Lawnmowers feature easy to maintain and operate. Anyone can drive your mowers just by following the manufacturing direction. Also, super easy to control variable speed.

Other Features

Lawnmowers are coming to include LED headlights, adjustable seats, drink holders, and more. This is why you can drive your mowers at night comfortably.

Selection Criteria for Gas Lawn Mowers for Bermuda Grass

For those who have concerns about the criteria for a gas lawn mower for Bermuda gas, read on the below selection criteria.

Ways of Starting

There is no difficulty in starting a gas lawn mower. You just stand behind the lawn mower. Use one hand to maintain the engine operating system. Control the start and stop points by using another hand.

Safety Considerations

To work with the risky tool, you must maintain essential safety considerations. Here are some of the rules that you have to know before starting work.

  • Clear the area besides clearing the people from the running mowers. In Particular, the child does not come to the mowing area. You don’t stop the machine when suddenly anyone comes in front of the lawn mower.
  • Handle the blades carefully. You keep your hands far from the sharp blades. And, keep your fingers and hands out of the engine & blades to prevent injury.
  • Third, read the manual directions. If you don’t find the manual, see the internet where you find everything about lawnmowers with just one click. Then, read how to use gas lawnmowers safely.
  • Before starting to cut the lawns, you have to wash the place. If the place has many rocks, holiday decorations, large sticks, and other debris, you don’t run your machine safely. So, throw away the objects and protect against injuries.
  • Wear the proper dress. The safest footwear and long pants can be a good choice and safe for you.
  • Wear eye protection glasses to save your eyes from flying debris and earplugs to protect against loud engine noise.
  • Lawnmowers are not recommended for children who are under 16. You don’t give any opportunity for a child to operate a riding mower.
  • Never carry passengers when riding the mower because they fall off.
  • Be careful about the hot engine. It can burn your skin. So, take proper protection when you add fuel or vapors.

These safety instructions are enough to drive the dangerous tool. But, don’t forget to turn off machines when removing any debris or observation.

Cut Path Width

A lawn mower’s cutting width can be different which indicates how much time you need to consume mowing the lawn. A large cutting width is good for a bigger garden or yard. The maximum small lawn has to need a 300mm or more cutting width.

Medium lawn requires between 350 and 400 mm cutting width. If you want to cut a large lawn, you can turn on 400mm+ cutting width. Alternatively, cutting height means the height of lawns that you need to cut. The range of cutting height is between 20 mm and 60 mm.

Ease of Handling

Yes, it is extremely easy to handle the lawn mower for Bermuda grass. But, you don’t put your hands or feet into the mower while removing grass or debris.

And, you can easily start and stop the motor. After turning off the motor, the blade may be whirling sometimes. In this case, you can use a stick or broom.

Deck Size and Height Adjustment

We have already mentioned that there are several deck sizes available in the market. If you need to deck height adjustment, you can do it by increasing or decreasing the mowing height for optimal lawn health. And, it is also easier to clean the mowing decks and change the cutting options.

Blades and Performance Level

All lawn mower blades are not the same. Each type of lawn mower contains its own specific blade. So, a specific blade is used in a particular mower. You can’t use a riding lawn mower’s blade instead of a push lawn mower.

Because a riding lawn mower’s blade is made to slice through thicker grass. Anyway, strong stainless steel is mostly used in lawnmowers.


What features do I need to look for to ensure I get a gas lawn mower that’s suitable for Bermuda grass?

Some important features are a powerful engine, standard cutting deck size, sharp blades, adjusting height settings, best price, ease of maintenance, etc. You have to consider these features to get proper healthy Bermuda grass.

What is the recommended blade size for Bermuda grass?

The blade size can be different according to the mowing height of your Bermuda grass. The recommended Bermuda grass mowing height means blade size can be 1 to 2 inches. Where 1.5 inches height is for hybrid varieties and 1 inch for common Bermuda varieties.

How often should I change the oil for a gas mower used on Bermuda grass?

This is the most important fact of how often you should replace oil in your lawn mower. Every spring or summer, you have to replace your engine oil or oil filters. Maximum lawn mower oil lasts every 50 hours of operation or season. Sometimes you need to change the oil every 20 hours of the season in your small engine.
It is also necessary to say that if you have a new lawn mower engine or snow blower, you may change the oil after five hours of the season. Remember that the engine can fail due to a lack of regular maintenance.

What is the best way to adjust the height of the mower’s blades for Bermuda grass?

The best adjusted mowing heights can be from 0.38 and 1.5 inches. If the mowing height is one inch, you should permit to grow Bermuda grass 1.5 inches. For a 1.5-inch cut, mow when the lawn arrives 2.25 inches in height.

What type of blade should I buy for a gas mower to use with Bermuda grass?

A gas mower requires a high-power blade to cut heavier grasses whether in Bermuda or St. Augustine. For best work, you can turn on seven-blade mowers. Alternatively, high-lift blades are excellent to create a perfect cut for your Bermuda lawns. There is no problem if the grass goes on taller or thicker conditions. These types of blades are suitable for all types of grasses.

How shall I maintain the mower for long-term performance on Bermuda grass?

For long-term performance, you will check the mower regularly. Change the engine oil in the summer or winter seasons. You can replace the spark plug and clean the air filter timely. And, you can deduct all fuel from your mower or include a fuel stabilizer to get long-term performance.

What is the recommended grass-cut length for Bermuda grass using a gas mower?

The recommended grass-cut length for Bermuda grass is between 2 and 2 1/2 inches. This height is very attractive.

Are there any features that a gas mower has that would make cutting Bermuda grass easier?

There is not any special feature but the gas mower is more strong to handle Bermuda grass with ease. Even you can’t dislike its superior cut quality.

Is it necessary to trim the edges of the lawn when using a gas mower on Bermuda grass?

It is not necessary to trim the edge every time you mow, especially when using a gas lawn mower. But sometimes you have to do this. Trimming the edge of your yard can reduce the risk of damaging plants and trees.


We’re at the end! Finally, it’s been a long journey, right? Tons of products are scattered throughout the market. We’ve chosen only the 5 best gas lawnmower mowers for Bermuda grass. This review also provided a lot of information to go through.

Which one is suitable for you depends on your choice and budget. But, we recommend the Greenworks 40V 21″ Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower and PowerSmart 22-inch 200cc Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower. These are the combination of user-friendly controls, durability and reliability, and great cut quality.

The choice is yours!

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