Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw for Pruning in [2023]

Pruning has been an ancient technique to enhance plant growth by allowing them to renew their dead cells. However, it becomes a difficult task if not done with proper equipment. Most of the trees require special attention to maintain their vigor and canopy. In this review, we have got you 5 options from a tool that makes pruning quite manageable – The best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning.

Among the most effective methods of preventative maintenance, pruning counts as one. In the case of both young as well as established plants, regular pruning protects the plants against damage from injury and other pests.

So, what is pruning actually? It is the practice of removing excessive parts of plants, for example, specific branches, buds, or roots that are dying or already dead due to disease, pests, or lack of sunlight. Pruning even encourages healthy plant development and is also done for aesthetic purposes.

Types of pruning

Before we head towards the products, it is better to understand the intensity and types of pruning associated with trees of different canopies and vigor. With this knowledge, you will better be able to choose the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning. So, let’s see the different types of pruning.

● Thinning

It is the removal of branches from the base i.e., next to the trunk.

● Topping

This technique is commonly used to train young plants to grow in certain ways. It is the drastic removal of branches just along the trunk.

● Raising

It is a slight clipping of low-hanging branches to create room for parked cars, pedestrians, or entryways.


This involves trimming a tree to a lower volume. Reduction is mostly done for safety reasons like creating space for electric cables.

Comparison Table of Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw for Pruning

Product NameDimensionWeightNumber of TeethCheck Price
DEWALT 20V Brushless compact saw‎14.5″L x 6″W x 7″H‎5.4 Pounds24Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX cordless reciprocating saw‎15″L x 3″W x 7″H‎4.5 Pounds24Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
SKILSAW SPT 44A reciprocating saw‎19.7″L x 3.6″W x 8″H‎9 Pounds24Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
Snap fresh cordless reciprocating saw‎16.18″L x 3.14″W x 8.11″H‎3.46 Pounds24Check Amazon Price
HYCHIKA cordless reciprocating saw×‎3.7 Pounds‎6Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price

5 Best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning:

In the present era when a variety of tools is available, finding the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning could be a quite difficult task. Therefore, we present to you the list of the 5 best reciprocating saws along with their features.

Best Pick

DEWALT 20V Brushless compact saw

DEWALT 20V Brushless compact saw

Dewalt brushless compact saw is a firm yet lightweight tool that helps to make pruning much easier. Having a trigger speed of 0-2900, this brushless reciprocating saw comes with pivoting shoe. This pivoting shoe helps to stabilize the tool while pruning, and a bright LED light clears up the leaves and branches to be pruned.

Moreover, the handle of this amazing compact reciprocating saw features an anti-slip and comfortable grip which makes it easier for the user to use it. Being cordless, it can be carried to any place for pruning irrespective of electric supply.


  • This reciprocating saw is lightweight
  • It with a pivoting shoe that stabilizes the tool while pruning
  • Has an LED light that provides ultimate brightness to the working area
  • Dewalt brushless saw has an anti-slip holding tendency
  • Its motor comes with a three-year warranty
  • The battery voltage used is 20 volts
Image source by Rustam (Amazon User)
Image source by Rustam (Amazon User)

Technical details:

  • It weighs 5lbs
  • The minimum voltage its battery uses is 20 volts
  • Comes with one part of a cutting blade, a charger, and a reciprocating saw
  • Stroke length of 1-1/8”


  • Comfortable grip
  • Features LED light for clarity
  • Comes with a pivot shoe


  • Needs to be upgraded

Best Accuracy

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX cordless reciprocating saw

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX cordless reciprocating saw

Well if you are ready to get your plants pruned, then you need this versatile cordless reciprocating saw. This reciprocating saw is easily handled due to its extreme lightweight. Although extremely lightweight, this saw can cut through the hardest branches. So, you don’t have to think about the difference in its efficiency for leaves and hard branches. It also has a balancing pivot shoe that ensures the quick and most accurate cut.

This saw takes 3000 strokes per minute for cutting down the surface. To provide safety to the hands and other needed branches and leaves, it has incorporated electric blades that prevent all types of damage.


  • It is a lightweight and a versatile cordless reciprocating saw
  • This machine can cut through the hardest branches without much hassle
  • It has an electric brake system in-built to prevent injury and damage to plants
  • A pivot shoe is also present which balances the working position
  • With a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the saw works best
Image source by Mark Masaki (Amazon User)
Image source by Mark Masaki (Amazon User)

Technical details:

  • It weighs 4.5 pounds
  • The maximum voltage it uses is 20 volts
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery system


  • Comes with a pivot shoe for balance
  • Has the capability to cut through wood or leaves
  • It cuts with 3000 strokes per minute tendency


  • Expensive

Best Performance

SKILSAW SPT 44A reciprocating saw

SKILSAW SPT 44A reciprocating saw

With the use of SKILSAW 44A, you can enjoy pruning your plants in a much better way. This is indeed a great masterpiece when it comes to performing perfect prune cuts. Skilsaw saw is combined with the legendary SKILSAW lineup to give the perfect cut and shape to your plants.

This is particularly helpful when you are trying to give your plants an unusual shape or growth training to your trees. This reciprocating saw works on buzzkill technology. It can overturn the vibrations by up to 30%. Not only this but with the controlled use of this cordless reciprocating saw you can make decent cuts due to its flexible speed trigger.


  • The most important feature is that it works on buzzkill technology which can demolish or control vibrations easily.
  • It provides 1-1/8.5” cutting speed
  • Available in red color

Technical details:

  • The weight of this saw is 9 pounds
  • It uses a 13 Amp reciprocating saw
  • Uses around 120 voltage to be precise


  • Buzzkill technology
  • Can work with extraordinary cuts
  • Uses low current


  • Not too lightweight

Best Features

Snap fresh cordless reciprocating saw

Snap fresh cordless reciprocating saw

The snap fresh cordless reciprocating saw is yet another reciprocating device that works on the principle of auto-lock metal chuck. This means that you can change the blades without using any extra tools. The snap fresh saw comes with multiple blade sizes which enable it to cut at different lengths. The device can easily cut at 3000 strokes per minute.

All you need to do is put the required length blades, install the system and start pruning. The battery can be fully charged within a single hour. Due to an in-built Lithium-ion battery, you can use it for prolonged hours without much hassle.


  • Works on the ideal principle of auto-lock metal chuck
  • Consists of multiple and variable sizes of blades that can be changed and made to prune the plants at different levels
  • It is lightweight and cordless
  • Its handle is made up of silicon which prevents slipping and reduces vibrations
Image source by Amazon Customer (Amazon User)
Image source by Amazon Customer (Amazon User)

Technical details:

  • It weighs 3.46 pounds
  • With a lithium-ion battery, it uses 120 volts of voltage
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery, different length blades, a charger, and a user manual


  • Lightweight
  • Multiple lengths blades
  • Silicon handle


  • Difficult to prune yard plants

Best Speed

HYCHIKA cordless reciprocating saw

HYCHIKA cordless reciprocating saw

As the name says, it is a cordless reciprocating saw and due to this feature, it is easily carried around at different locations for pruning. By twisting the onboard latch in a clockwise direction you can change blades for the length required as per the pruning task. With sufficient power, this reciprocating saw can work at a greater level and can cut at incredible speeds.

With the variable sizes of blades, it has the potential to cut leaves or even the hard branches along the trunk. It has an efficient battery system that allows to charge the battery sufficiently and hence works for long-lasting hours.


  • Consists of various size blades of different lengths that perform the functions
  • The speed range is around 3000 rpm
  • Has a lithium-ion battery that charges quickly and lasts for long hours.
Image source by Chad Soucy (Amazon User)
Image source by Chad Soucy (Amazon User)

Technical details:

  • This cordless reciprocating saw weighs 3.7 pounds
  • Uses a voltage of 20 volts
  • It is made up of plastic, rubber, and metal


  • Lightweight
  • Quick
  • Has multiple blades sizes


  • Expensive

Editor’s Experience

For pruning, these five reciprocating saws could be your best choice. They are made cordless which gives comfort and a handy feel. These machines work so efficiently when pruning. There are different types of pruning you can do with these machines.

DEWALT 20V Brushless compact saw: This is a wonderful saw that’s not bulky while still retaining the power you need/expect from a reciprocating saw. Go with the 60v flex volt packs (they have switched output, 20v when used in 20v tools) for the longest run-time and a notable, positive difference in output power. Highly recommended platform and tool!

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX cordless reciprocating saw: The overall weight with the battery installed is about 12 pounds. I’m a fairly fit 50-year-old woman who noticed I’d been using it after about 40 minutes of use, but it didn’t kill me to use it. I think it would be comfortable for most users as it relates to the tool’s size and weight.

SKILSAW SPT 44A reciprocating saw: This thing is a beast I got it for cutting M-715 welded steel brackets off as the job killed off an HF unit, an older Skill lite duty, and a battery-powered unit. It’s got a solid feel to it, not once did I bog it down.

Snap fresh cordless reciprocating saw: Snap Fresh Cordless Reciprocating Saw is a joy. Much lighter, quieter, and more reliable than a combustion engine chainsaw and it starts every time. Most DIY jobs can be done in less than 30 minutes so I have not discharged my 20V 2.0 Ahr battery before the jobs have been completed.

HYCHIKA cordless reciprocating saw: Works great, however, the blades were not in the box! Nowhere to be found! What a bunch of crap. Had so much to get done, went and bought some blades, and didn’t have time to send them back. Pretty annoying, although saw is the bomb!

What to look for while buying the best cordless reciprocating saw?

When it comes to selecting the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning, the main question that arises in the mind of every individual is, how to choose the best one or what to look for in a reciprocating saw for the purpose of pruning. Not all saws are meant for pruning purposes. Many or mostly reciprocating saws are meant to smoothen the surfaces like windows, doors, and other alike spaces.

Looking for buying the best cordless reciprocating saw
What to look for while buying the best cordless reciprocating saw

In this confusing situation, how would you select the one for pruning? Although it may take plenty of time and research to choose a reciprocating saw that suits your needs i.e., pruning, you have to consider these points while buying yourself the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning:

● Power:

The first thing to check in a cordless reciprocating saw is its motor. While you are going to deal with a huge tree, you will need a high-power cordless reciprocating saw. However, there are two main factors associated with power; cost and battery.

Obviously, the cost of a tool depends upon how much power a tool has. While on the other hand, since a cordless reciprocating saw uses the battery as its power source, the more power a saw has, the faster the battery drains.

Keeping in view the power of a cordless reciprocating saw, go with the one that comes with a medium motor – not too high and not too low. In this way, you can easily come up with all light and heavy prunings without worrying about battery drainage.


Since cordless reciprocating saws use the battery as a power source, the best cordless reciprocating saw would be the one whose battery lasts longer. Although a cordless system makes them portable and you can carry them anywhere, you need to charge the battery.

Mostly, a Lithium-ion battery is used in a cordless reciprocating saw because these batteries offer great performance and last a lot longer than others. But that’s not a big deal. You can choose any type of battery you want as long as it lasts for at least 30-60 minutes. Anything lower than this range is not worth it.

Moreover, check if the battery comes with a fast charger. In this way, you will not have to wait all day long to recharge the battery.

● Speed adjustment:

When it comes to power tools like a cordless reciprocating saw, the adjustable speed feature counts among the most important ones. With this incredible feature, you can adjust the speed just according to the project you are dealing with.

Depending upon the canopy for pruning, you can adjust the speed to the highest to get quick results. While on the other hand, you can lower the speed to get a more precise cut.


You may need to change the blade multiple times while pruning different plants. That’s what a cordless reciprocating saw offers the best. You can change multiple blades in a reciprocating saw. But some people find this task difficult.

So, choose the unit in which you find the blade changing process faster and easier.

To know how to change the blade in a reciprocating saw, you will need to read the manual. Some of these saws come with clamps for different features including easier blade release.

● Portability:

A cordless reciprocating saw is meant to be portable. This is the only way you can carry it anywhere along with you. Since they are handheld tools, their size and weight are of much importance. While you look for the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning, don’t forget to check the weight.
A cordless reciprocating saw usually comes with 4-10 lbs weight, however, choosing anything between this range depends on your personal preference. But, anything heavier than this is too much.

Apart from the weight, the design and size of the tool also matter. The best thing would be finding a compact cordless reciprocating saw that you can easily hold, carry, and work with.

● Additional features:

Although the above features are enough to consider while going to buy the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning, there are still some features you can add to your list. Reduced vibrations and comfortable grip count among those additional features.

Fewer vibrations in a reciprocating saw simply mean that you will get a more accurate cut, while a comfortable grip ensures you can for long hours easily. While it will help you with a comfortable experience, at the same time it will reduce fatigue.


Can you use a reciprocating saw to cut branches?

A reciprocating saw works on the principle of motion with a wide range of blades. Depending on the canopy of plants or trees, you can choose the blade and carry out the pruning task. Since a reciprocating saw can cut different types of materials including metals, wood, etc. you can easily use it to cut branches. However, the reciprocating saws are much ideal for static objects, therefore they may not give the perfect results with bigger canopy trees. Instead, you can use them to cut branches and even smaller trees well.

Are cordless reciprocating saws any good?

The cordless reciprocating saws are far better than those corded ones. From being portable to multiple blade systems, the cordless reciprocating saws are a whole new generation of precision wrapped in technology. Also, when it comes to pruning, the cordless reciprocating saws prove to be a better option than corded ones since they can be carried to areas where corded ones cannot reach.

With their high performance and different blades, they can easily cut branches and leaves, and even bigger trees depending upon the blades used. The precision of these reciprocating saws makes them the best option for pruning purposes.

What is the best reciprocating saw to buy?

When choosing the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning, you need to consider several factors. These factors include portability, battery, power, blades, etc. Another factor that affects the buying of a reciprocating saw is the cost. Although there are many types of reciprocating saws, the best one to buy depends upon the type of usage.

For pruning purposes, the cordless reciprocating saw with a minimum of 60-90 minutes of working battery is suitable. The choice of blades depends upon the canopy for pruning.

What is the difference between a Sawzall and a reciprocating saw?

A reciprocating saw is used for many purposes including pruning, smoothening irregular surfaces, cutting, etc. It offers a wide variety of functions due to its capability of changing and adjusting many blades. A reciprocating saw may be corded or cordless and you can choose between the two depending upon your personal preferences or type of usage.

On the other hand, the Sawzall is also a reciprocating saw. “Sawzall” is a term used as a registered trademark of Milwaukee, a famous manufacturer of power tools from Wisconsin. As time passed, “Sawzall” became a term representing reciprocating saw from any manufacturer.

What is the best electric saw for cutting tree branches?

A pole saw is specially designed for cutting trees or branches of trees. However, a reciprocating saw for pruning is easy to use since it uses a thin cutting blade, and is lightweight. A motor in the reciprocating saw moves the blade attached to one end in a to and fro motion with great speed. As a result, a reciprocating saw for pruning manages to cut through wood and leaves quite rapidly and with minimal effort.

Since blades in a reciprocating saw are interchangeable, you can go for those specially designed to cut off the branches of trees. With a smaller-sized motor and a comfortable handle, a reciprocating saw is quite easy to carry and prune plants.

Should I buy a corded or cordless reciprocating saw?

A Reciprocating saw is an efficient tool used for many purposes. It comes with a cord as well as a cordless system. The efficiency of both types is incredible, however, the corded reciprocating saw has a limitation of portability. It cannot be carried everywhere because it is attached to a wire and needs a power supply.

On the other hand, a cordless reciprocating saw can be carried anywhere to perform the task. A cordless reciprocating saw works on the principle of the rechargeable battery system. Once it is fully charged, it will give you a handsome amount of working time.

The choice of a corded or cordless reciprocating saw totally depends upon the nature of the task to be performed as well as personal preferences. A cordless reciprocating saw is also lighter in weight than the corded ones and since it can be carried anywhere without the hassle of a power supply, it is easier to work with as compared to the corded one.

Who makes the best cordless tools?

There are many brands in the market that make the best cordless tools. While surveying and researching, we found Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ridgid, and Hilti as the top 5 companies that make the best cordless tools.

The top companies making cordless tools vary according to the type of tools and the reviews they get from satisfied or unsatisfied customers. The quality trilogy cycle and other factors of quality provided by the brands take them to the top or bring them to the bottom of the list.

However, this list may change from time to time depending on the quality and innovation a company provides to its customers and how well they manage to defeat their competitors in the world of cordless tools.


Pruning is an overwhelming task when it is done with inappropriate tools. But now, with the emergence of reciprocating saws, it has become quite easy.

There are many points to consider while buying the best cordless reciprocating saw for pruning, but complete research of available tools takes a lot of time. So, we have presented a list of the 5 best reciprocating saws that may help you in pruning work. Moreover, these products offer the best features among all those available in the market.

If you are still confused about which cordless reciprocating saw to buy, you can check the buying guide and go for the one that suits your needs the most.

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