7 Best Saw Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring – Miter and Jigsaw Blade

What type of saw blade you choose for cutting the vinyl plank flooring makes a huge difference. You have to choose the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring to refrain from any problems. There are numerous types that you can choose from and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. You feel stuck and unable to select the one that is perfect for your vinyl plank floor.

This is why we are here to help you out in this situation. You will be able to go through the best products only and have a list to choose from. You will have correct knowledge about their features and advantages as well. This information will be of great help for you to pick the right one for your needs. Therefore, no need to worry about it at all, and stay with us till the end of the article.

Comparison Table of 7 Best Saw Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Product NameDimensionWeightBlade SizeCheck Price
DEWALT 10-Inch Miter13.75 x 13.75 x 0.19 inches3 pounds×Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade14 x 10.6 x 0.25 inches3.24 pounds10 inchesCheck Amazon Price
Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade11.81 x 11.34 x 0.43 inches1.92 pounds10 inchesCheck Amazon Price
Freud 12″ x 72T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade1 x 1 x 1 inch2.42 pounds×Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
Bosch T-Shank Jig Saw Blades×15 ounces×Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
T Shank Jigsaw Blades4 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches36 grams×Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price
DEWALT Jigsaw Blades6.69 x 4.72 x 0.39 inches152 grams×Check Amazon Price

Check Walmart Price


Here we have a complete list of top-rated products that we can use for cutting vinyl plank flooring. These are different types of blades that professionals and laymen people like to buy.

We will be sharing all the details about these flooring saw products from features to pros and cons. We are sure that this information will give you a broad perspective of these products. You will be able to pick and choose the correct one for your vinyl plank flooring at home or office.

Best Miter Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Best cutting

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter

Dewalt is the manufacturing brand for this miter blade that people often like to use for cutting vinyl flooring. It is not only ideal for cutting the vinyl plank flooring, but also for plywood, hardwood, and softwood. Its blade can maintain sharpness even after a long time of use. Thus, the quality of fast action and smooth cutting does not fade away with time. This attribute is making this product more and more popular all over the world.

You can go through the features and advantages in the below section to get a better idea about this product. We are sure that these points will play a great role in your understating of the product.


  • The part number of this product is DW3106P5.
  • Its weight is about 3 pounds in total.
  • The dimension range of such blades is 13.75 x 13.75 x 0.19 inches.
  • The item model number is DW3106P5. It comes in metallic color only.
  • The material with which it is being made is carbide.
  • The style of the product is blades.
  • The components that come with it include the Abrasive Fladder Blade.
  • There is no need to have a battery with this type of blade.
  • The ASIN of the product is B00005A1H7.


  • Stays sharp for a longer time.
  • Have very fast and smooth cutting action.
  • The finish is better than all other blades.
  • Works with high precision and accuracy.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Maintains a true edge.
  • Compatible with multiple saws


  • The price range is a little high for some buyers.

Best Pick

CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade

CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade

This particular vinyl plank flooring miter saw blade is made by the CRAFTSMAN manufacturing company. If you are someone who would like to buy a nice blade but is economical as well, then this option is best for you. The blade tooth is made with carbide material. This means that the product has a long life and is extremely durable as well. Its precision in cutting the vinyl plank flooring is making it very popular among professional users.

Here we will mention some other prominent features of the product that will allow you to learn better about it. Go through the pros and cons section too to further understand it.


  • The part number or item model number of the product is CMAS210CMB.
  • It has 3.24 pounds weight.
  • The overall dimensional range of this blade is 14 x 10.6 x 0.25 inches.
  • The size of the blade is just around 10 inches.
  • It comes with components that include 10 inches 24T and 60T saw blades.
  • The ASIN is B07QLSVPN1.


  • High-end performance.
  • Extremely durable and reliable.
  • Very safe to use.
  • Resists corrosion and rusting.
  • Performs smoothly.
  • Have very fast cutting action.
  • Allows accurate cutting.
  • Eliminates warping.


  • The customers need to request the manufacturing company for warranty services.

Best Durability

Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade

Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade

Overpeck is the manufacturing company of this saw blade. Unlike many other similar options in saw blades for cutting vinyl plank flooring, this one is very durable. Its fast-working ability and precision of cutting are making it popular with time. Some people are cutting laminate flooring with the miter saw the same as this one. This means that this product has something outstanding due to which people get attracted towards it every time.

However, this manufacturing company is making it with some outstanding features and pros. We will share them with you in the section below.


  • The part number of this product is FD10INCH90T.
  • The weight is just around 1.92 pounds.
  • The overall dimension range for width, length, and height is 11.81 x 11.34 x 0.43 inches.
  • 90T is the size of this blade.
  • The style is 10Inch-90T.
  • The material with which it is made is carbide.
  • ASIN for the online buyer is B074H448QG.


  • Have a very long cutting life.
  • Cutting stability is very high.
  • No noise while working with it.
  • Cuts very smoothly.
  • Compatible with table, miter, and circular saw.


  • There is no information about the warranty and guarantee of the product.

Best Quality

Freud 12" x 72T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade

Freud 12″ x 72T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade 

Freud is the manufacturing company of this product. Their high-quality product, other than the blades, are very popular. Therefore, people like to come for purchasing this product as well. They can even get the specific 7 1/4 circular saw blade for laminate flooring. In the same way, they are making many others that fit specific flooring types.

Here we are sharing the most prominent features of this product along with the pros and cons as well. You will be able to decide if it will be helpful for you or not.


  • The item part number is FRE-12-172.
  • The weight of the product is 2.42 pounds.
  • The dimension range is 1 x 1 x 1 inch.
  • The item model number is LU91R012.
  • There are multiple colors in which it is made; mainly red and black.
  • It comes in one size only. the material of the product is a blend.
  • It has 12 X 72 X 1 ATB TEFLON components included in the set.
  • There is no need for a battery for this product.
  • The ASIN is B0002TUFXG.


  • Gives better control than any other blade.
  • Minimizes the effort of the user by working faster.
  • Reduces the blade drag.
  • Protect from rust or corrosion.
  • Helps in pitch build-up.
  • Gives a faster feed rate.
  • Requires less amount of power.


  • You have to request the manufacturers for warranty and guarantee services.

Best Performance

Bosch T-Shank Jig Saw Blades

Bosch T-Shank Jig Saw Blades

Bosch is the manufacturing company or brand of this jigsaw blade. They are known for its high-end products or the last couple of decades. Due to its high performance, and the least maintenance issues, it is known all over the world. Other than this, the precision of cutting the vinyl plank flooring with this blade is quite impressive. This trait is not very common in other types of jigsaw blades.

We will explain some of the features of this jigsaw blade along with its advantages and disadvantages. Surely, this information will help you a lot in choosing it in the end.


  • The weight of this product is just 15 ounces.
  • The item model number or part number is TW21HC.
  • Overall, the set contains 21 pieces in total.
  • Brute tough cases contain the product parts for storage.
  • B000FAITZS is the ASIN of the product.
  • Comes in multiple sizes and lengths.
  • It has a total number of 10 teeth.


  • Optimized tooth geometry.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Precisely cut thick the vinyl plank flooring.
  • Offer cutting flexibility and versatility.
  • The company offers free shipping.


  • The manufacturing company does not provide information about the product warranty.

Advanced Features

T Shank Jigsaw Blades

T Shank Jigsaw Blades

Cozzmts is the manufacturing company of this jigsaw blade for cutting vinyl plank floors. This blade comes with many features that are advanced and highly effective jigsaw blades for vinyl flooring. Those who are looking for an innovative option that can ease their cutting task should go for this option. This is mainly because no other blade for cutting vinyl plank flooring is as good as this one.

We will also help you learn more about it by sharing the features, pros, and cons of the product in detail. Try to learn about them in detail so that you can make a wise decision about the purchase.


  • The dimensions of this jigsaw blade are 4 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches.
  • The number of teeth on its cutting side is 10.
  • The total weight of the product is about 36 grams.
  • The ASIN number of this jigsaw blade is B00004RH5F.
  • The item model number or manufacturing part number is DW3712H.


  • Fits easily with 90 percent of jigsaws.
  • Have sharp edges that smoothly cut the material.
  • Allows faster cutting.
  • Gives a very nice grip while working.
  • Precisely cut down the marked areas.


  • The buyer needs to request the manufacturing company to get the warranty.

High Performance

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades

Dewalt is the manufacturing company that is known for making this jigsaw blade for many years now. People love to buy again and again from them because of the high-end performance of the product. Also, it lasts for many years and they do not need to spend money on buying after every few months. Even if you keep using it for a long time, the product will still work perfectly like the brand-new one that you buy. Such impressive attributes are the hallmark of this amazing and useful product.

We are sure that the features, pros, and cons of this product given below will be very useful for you. They will help you further understand the product.


  • The material of this blade is High-carbon steel & High-speed steel.
  • It comes in two shades of blue; light and dark.
  • The dimensions of this jigsaw blade are 6.69 x 4.72 x 0.39 inches.
  • The thickness is just 1. millimeter.
  • The overall weight is 152 grams.
  • The number of pieces in the set is 20.
  • The ASIN of the product is B07ZCFHB5P.
  • The item model number or part number is MT5002.
Image source by Driveforce (Amazon User)
Image source by Driveforce (Amazon User)


  • It can cut metal material other than the vinyl floor.
  • Comes at a very competitive cost.
  • Extremely durable and reliable product.
  • Compatible with multiple jigsaws.
  • Gives maximum grip and stability.
  • Provides efficient cutting experience.
  • Ideal for general cutting purposes as well.


  • You do not get warranty services from the company.

Editor’s Experience

If you are installing vinyl plank flooring for the first time then these saw blades could be your better choice. These blades are made for using beginners to professionals. Its special features make work easy and comfortable.

CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade: As good of a blade as the high-dollar ones. I cut a lot of used lumber so it’s important that u can cut a few nails with it and still have some longevity to a blade. I’ve had them sharpened and urge carbide doesn’t chip any more than an expensive blade. Well satisfied with the product.

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter: I can only imagine that anyone who doesn’t like these blades must be the kind of person who also labels and dates their garbage and secures the bag with cellophane tape before neatly placing it squarely in the garbage can.

Overpeck 10-Inch Table Saw Blade: I truly love these blades. I use one to cut my firewood. This blade has 5 1/2 -6 cords of oak cut with it and is going strong still. Most of my oak is 4×6 or 2×6 by 9’ long.

Freud 12″ x 72T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade: As a contractor, I run through blades pretty frequently and I’ve had the chance to try a lot of brands. I’ve got other brands I prefer for metal or for rough/demo cutting, but Freud / Diablo have been my favorites for a fine finish on wood and laminate for a while and this blade is no exception.

Bosch T-Shank Jig Saw Blades: I can always depend on Bosch blades and this is the best storage case around for my blades. I had one of these for over a decade before someone decided they needed it more than I. So, yeah, I loved it so much I bought it twice!

T Shank Jigsaw Blades: This product is great with my Black and Decker Jig Saw!! The company even gave me extra blades (4). Why wouldn’t I give a good review so that others can buy this product too!! I’m not disappointed but rather, I will tell my friends to buy it too!

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades: My husband decided one weekend to install a new kitchen laminate countertop (I know right???). So after trips to different box stores and specialty stores, he could not find the right saw blades to do the job right.

Buying Guide for best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring

As a general rule, it is essential to learn a little bit about a certain product that you intend to buy. It is sure that if you have prior knowledge about it, you can buy the perfect match for your needs.

Saw blade for vinyl plank flooring Buying Guide
Buying Guide for best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring

Here we are sharing some of the points that are essential to know before buying vinyl plank flooring. If you learn and understand them, you will find them useful in the buying process of such floors. Let us start with each one in the section given below.

Consider Blade Anatomy

The expansion slots, kerf, gullets, and blades are all included in the anatomy of the blade that you buy for vinyl flooring. We all know that it is not just the vinyl plank floor that you have to be conscious of while buying. It is also the blade that you will use to cut it into perfect pieces for the floor.

This is why you should consider the anatomy of the blade so that you may know how it works. It will also let you handle it professionally and avoid mistakes that you could otherwise make while using it. As the seller explain to you a little about these parts before you finalize the purchase. 

Select Right Blade Style

While you try to buy the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring, make sure you choose the right blade. It is not possible to buy every type of vinyl plank flooring with the same blade type. Some blades work roughly on laminated vinyl flooring while they are perfectly fine with hardwood vinyl flooring. This is why it is crucial to buy the right blade type.

Other than just the type of saw blade, its style is important as well. You can find plywood blades, combination blades, all-purpose steel blades, and cut-off blades from the nearby market. Before selecting the blade, share the specifications of your vinyl floor and your needs with the seller. You will guide better guidelines from them about the selection of the correct blade for your requirements.

Carefully Choose the Type of Vinyl Flooring

When you go for buying vinyl plank flooring, you should know that there are different types of it. Some are laminated floorings while some are hardwood type. You can surely choose the one that you like the most. However, it is better to get the advice of a professional who can explain to you which one is good for which area of your home or office.

Not every laminated vinyl plank flooring can look amazing in every setting. The same goes with the hardwood type as well. But if you know how to pick one of these through the expert guide, you will end up buying the correct one.

Consider Longevity

You must understand that there are many materials with which the saw blades are made. Of all these materials, carbide is the ideal one. You should, therefore, choose the right material for the saw blade. This will ensure that the saw blade will last for a longer time. It is a fact that carbide offers a 30 percent longer lifetime in comparison to all other materials. Also, this material does not require frequent reshaping due to worn-out material. Even if you have to tune it, it will take no more than just 10 dollars.


What type of saw blade is best to use for cutting vinyl plank flooring?

The saw blade that has carbide tips is ideal for cutting vinyl plank flooring. These saw blades cut the pieces without creating too much mess around. Also, they can cut up to 500 square feet of vinyl without any need of sharpening it again and again. The saw blade must contain 80 to 100 fine teeth on the cutting side. All these characteristics together make the saw blade best to use for cutting vinyl plank flooring.

What type of saw blade is best to use for cutting vinyl plank flooring for a 4 1/2" blade /2"?

Well, multiple saw blade types are best to use for cutting vinyl plant flooring for a 4 ½ inches blade /2 inches. Most of the time, professionals like to use circular saw blades for this purpose. This is because the sharpness, material, and number of teeth on the blade are ideal for this purpose. You can try a few when you visit the market nearby. We are sure that this practice will help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

What should you not use on vinyl plank flooring?

People learn about the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring but forget other things that they need to consider. Just like we cannot use any saw for cutting vinyl, we cannot use any detergent to clean it. It should not be abrasive or like the ‘mop and shine’ kind of product. Other than this, do not make the mistake of using paste wax and other polishes that might contain harsh solvents. Above all others, ammonia-origin materials should not be in use while cleaning them. They can cause serious cracks in the vinyl after destroying the material.

What saw cuts vinyl?

We know that vinyl can be cut down just like wood. For this particular material, unlike the normal saw, we use a saw with a PVC blade. It is circular and has a very sharp and fine tooth on the inner side. It is known as the ideal saw for cutting vinyl because it has carbide tips that make vinyl cutting easy and efficient.

What is the best way to cut vinyl plank flooring?

Generally, there are three methods to cut vinyl plank flooring. One is to measure the cut and it is the simplest of all. Then comes the scoring and snapping of the small-size pieces. The last or third way to cut vinyl is by sectioning it lengthwise by using a special vinyl plank flooring jigsaw blade. All of them are the best ways of cutting it. All you need to assure us is that the one you choose to follow is suitable for your needs.


From the information given in the above sections, we are sure that you can now pick the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring. Well, it is mainly because you are now very well aware of the features, pros, and cons of some of the top-rated products in this industry right now.

It is essential to have the buying guide as well which we successfully shared with you in the above section. You must have also answered some of the most common questions that arise in the mind of every buyer. Overall, it’s a great package that you can use to buy the best vinyl plank flooring.

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